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Acelerar is a global brand offering outsourcing and offshoring solutions to startup, small and mid-sized organizations across the globe. Our HR administrative services help you improve your HR ecosystem. We give you a reliable and time-bound administrative services outsourcing solutions. Human resource management requires an effective administration involving solutions to regulatory and compliance issues causing unsystematic handling of administrative works. As a result, an organization has to experience some unpleasant results such as increased operating costs, disorganized back-office functions and reduced operating scales. Why Acelerar for administrative service outsourcing? Acelerar helps you with its administrative outsourcing services to address your organization’s administrative issues by providing cost-effective solutions. We are a specialized team streamlining HR admin processes to yield benefits such as effective business operation, HR & tax compliance management, efficient payroll functionality and necessary supports in order to functionalize your HR administration. We provide you thorough and satisfactory HR supports involving risk and safety management and employees compensation. Our sole motive is to bring-in a total transformational change in your HR administration. What We Provide You From Our Administrative Service Outsourcing
  • We provide cost-effective HR management solutions; find out issues affecting functionality of your HR admin. We help you eliminate any hidden operating costs involving in your HR system.
  • We have some of the world’s best talent resources who have tremendous expertise in handling HRO processes. Thus, we can help you streamline your non-core HR administrative activities. We actually help you focus on your workforce and other core business activities as we handle your non-core needs effectively and in a time bound manner.
  • We help you optimize your HR functions; handling payroll process, hiring, on-boarding using best HR practices. Thus, we can improve service delivery model and increase your HR capabilities.
Acelerar provides you affordable solutions to your administrative processes. From payroll management to employee engagement and other non-core activities, Acelerar ensures that your administrative services outsourcing needs are fulfilled with satisfaction. Acelerar understands the budgetary pressure behind maintaining a totally improved and functional HR admin system in an organization, especially when administrative duties are involved. Thus, we provide our budget-centric HRO solutions for startup, small, medium and even big organizations looking for time-bound, quality and affordable HRO solutions. We have the resources consisting of professionals having deep expertise in HRO. They enable us lend you quality and time-bound solutions to your HR administrative processes. Acelerar helps you manage employee retention. We maintain HR practices as per industry benchmarks and statutory compliance. We give you result-driven solutions for your administration activities. We help you make your HR administration better performing. Get to know more about Acelerar’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. Contact us to learn how Acelerar can help your company streamline and standardize its operational efficiency through ever-changing BPO.

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