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How to Select Right Data Entry Outsourcing Company



The need of data entry service has grown worldwide as never before. The digitization of documents and the generation of data in various forms have created high volumes of data in almost all industries.

Needless to say, it is not easy for business owners and entrepreneurs to manage these high volumes of data with quality, reliability, and accuracy to make critical business decisions.

And managing all data entry work in-house costs too much, if not a fortune.

Then, what’s the solution?

The best way to manage a huge volume of data is to hire a Data Entry Outsourcing Company. Doing so will enable you to focus on the core business activities.

Why Data Entry Outsourcing?

Whether your firm is small, medium or big, managing data and providing analytics when needed is of paramount importance. And as the size of your firm grows, data management becomes increasingly complicated and time-consuming.

Successful businessmen don’t spend money on hiring resources and setting up a required infrastructure for data entry services.

Instead, they hire a data entry outsourcing company.

Neil Patel once said in Inc.
“Your time is valuable and should be spent on things that will drive the most ROI.”

So it would be better if you spend that time and money on the core business activities and work towards generating more revenue and profits.

Outsourcing Companies for Data Entry Services is one of the most reliable and cost- effective measures to reduce operating expenses and increase profits.

Back in the 1980s, when this concept was born, no wonder big companies saw this as a golden opportunity and started outsourcing their data entry processes to offshore locations.

A recently published article in Sci-Tech Today states, “Businesses are finding that outsourced services can help them do much more than simply reduce workforce expenses or ramp up new employee teams quickly.”

Choosing the Right Data Entry Outsourcing Company

Now, when you have made up your mind to outsource data entry related work, the real challenge lies in getting hold of the right outsourcing company.

Here are some questions that you should be able to answer perfectly before selecting your outsourcing partner:

  • Is the company efficient in the terms of experience and productivity? How solid are its credentials?
  • Did it work on the similar projects before and how satisfied were earlier clients with the results?
  • Is the company able to understand your requirements to the fullest and provide effective and time-bound solutions?
  • Is it a partner in the right sense or merely a supplier of poor labor?
  • What are the company’s policies regarding data security and privacy? Do they use these policies in the service agreement?
  • What kind of infrastructure does the company possess in terms of manpower, IT and other related systems?
  • How transparent is the company in its processes? Does it stick to its promises?


Factors to Consider While Selecting the Outsourcing Company

1. Effective Communication:

In order to achieve desired results, communicate your exact goals to your outsourcing partner.

Consistent communication between the working team and the client is important to the success of a project.

It helps outsourcing partners understand the requirements of clients and work properly to attain their business goals together.

2. Solid Experience:

Data entry is a process that requires high-level accuracy. Do ensure that the company you hire is thoroughly experienced and capable of managing all tasks efficiently with precision.

The best way to judge the experience of your outsourcing company is to review the case studies on the similar projects and try getting in touch with any of their clients.

It is the most effective way to measure and analyze the service capability of your outsourcing partner.
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3. Robust Technology:

You should check whether your outsourcing partner is equipped with the latest technologies and infrastructure setting.

The outsourcing company should have high-speed internet connectivity, data security measures and backup facilities to provide uninterrupted and impeccable services.

4. Cost Factor:

The main objective of outsourcing is to utilize the benefit of experienced and skilled manpower at a cost-effective price.

Prior to signing the contract, ensure that no hidden cost is charged during the processing time of your project.

For example, hidden costs such as opportunity costs and overtime charges are usually raised by the companies at the final delivery of a project.

5. Increased Flexibility:

Flexible working atmosphere is another important factor to consider while choosing the right outsourcing partner.

Flexible pricing and timing help maintain and strengthen partnership at a whole new level.

The employees in a flexible working atmosphere can provide customized and tailor-made services to their clients, thereby providing total customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Acelerar for Your Data Entry Process?

We take immense pride in the fact that we fully understand, formulate and subsequently cater to our clients needs in the most effective way.

If you’re kind enough to visit our website, you will see some testimonials of our clients who were more than satisfied with the services we provided them.

To further substantiate the above point, take a quick look at the benefits of outsourcing your data entry process to Acelerar.

Customer is king– Most companies just use this age-old business mantra to lure customers into purchasing their products or services.
But for Acelerar, this motto is of supreme importance.

It’s because of our clients and skilled workforce, we are able to survive and perform in this highly competitive scenario.

You grow, we grow. It’s as simple.

Reduce Operational Costs – To reduce the operational cost of our clients is our prime objective.
Better Focus on Core Activities – Once clients outsource their data entry processes to us, they can focus more on core areas like sales, product development, marketing and promotional activities that directly impact revenues.

Quality Assurance – We, at Acelerar, believe in offering high-quality service. We follow high standards in all what we do.

Better Availability of Resources – Outsourcing your data entry process to us exposes you to the skills and resources that you cannot or probably would not want to procure because of the high cost.

Efficient Management of Processes – We have experienced professionals for the efficient management of the process we are assigned to.

With tremendous experience and access to the latest technology, our team is capable of delivering high-quality work, regardless of the size of a project.


A large number of organizations are acknowledging the fact that outsourcing their data entry work to offshore locations is a huge plus point.

Apart from allowing companies to focus on their core activities, the key advantages of outsourcing data entry work include increased flexibility, cost-effectiveness and access to the latest technology.

Therefore, data entry outsourcing is reliable in terms of profits, sales turnover, and high quality.
However, outsourcing data entry work is associated with some risks.

You are not only assigning a partner to finish some work, but trusting that entity with tons of sensitive information.

If jeopardized, it could damage your reputation and progress with irreversible effects.

So before you actually make up your mind to hire an outsourcing company for your data entry related needs, do a stringent background check.

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