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How to Increase Your Social Media Traffic And Conversions?



These days, different social media channels have become an integral part of the life of tech-savvy people. They have accounts on one or more social media websites. They use social media channels to communicate with their friends and relatives, update their status, and get in touch with each other.


Popular Social Media PlatformsActive Users
Facebook2.38 billion
Twitter335 million
LinkedIn294 million
Instagram1 billion
Pinterest250 million
YouTube1.9 billion
WhatsApp1.5 billion
WeChat1.06 billion
Tumblr642 Million
Reddit330 million
Viber260 million
Snapchat255 million
Line203 million
Telegram200 million
Medium60 million

Due to the availability of massive audience on different social media channels, a good number of entrepreneurs have intensified social media campaigns. It helps them to advertise their products and services at low-price tag, increase awareness of the brand & sell more products. Some get tremendous success in a few days, while others experience the complete fiasco despite inserting their best offers to generate social leads/sales. So, what the recipe to cultivate the desired growth & success in social media marketing and optimisation? Let’s consider a few tips mentioned below:


Create Visually Appealing & informative Profile

In order to promote a brand, products, services on social networking websites and generate results, you need to create a visually appealing & informative profile at first. Active social media users will see your profile and interact with you if it catches their attention at the very first glance.
So, signup on different social media sites and create the profiles of your company. Add your company’s logo, name, contact numbers, main business message, physically verifiable address, etc.
You can also use your personal profile to promote your brand and generate seals. Visitors should be able to get all the necessary information simply by seeing your profile. A social media profile carrying all useful information motivates the minds of social media users to get more information about products/services instantly & makes transactions.


Useful Content in King

All SEO specialists unanimously agree that social media marketing is all about how quick and effective you are in communication with potential customers with the use of personalised content. In other words, active & effective content marketing is the key to success in social media marketing campaigns.
Active social media users always look for new, interesting, and meaningful info that could make their lives easier. So, it is a worthwhile step to share useful content (of your website/blog) on social media channels. Requests your fans and followers to share the content further as far as possible.
The more shares, comments, and likes you get, the more business opportunities are likely to come in your way. Regular sharing of useful content educates active social media users about your brand, products, and services. Always keep in mind that informed customers are well-aware of the pros and cons of your products & deal with you accordingly.


Use Image & Video Content for Lead Generation

People’s taste for the consumption of marketing materials keep changing from time-to-time. It happens due to the changes that occurs in the digital landscape every year. Young generation present on social media channels don’t like reading monotonous text content. They prefer image and video content more and respond to your SMO campaigns accordingly.

Therefore, make sincere efforts to produce visually appealing and informative video content for your brand. Never hesitate to seek expert’s advice in this regard if you are unable to do so. Interact with your social fans and followers with image and video content to get immediate responses from their side & generate leads/sales in bulk.


Respond to User’s Comments

All online business organisations and companies with a strong social presence have millions of subscribers. It helps them to generate leads and sales every day. Always keep in mind that active social media users, who use your services & products, regularly come up with questions and concerns. It is not possible for a human being to have a look at all the submitted questions and concerns and answer them. So, all those who don’t get answer to their questions, become displeased with you & stop buying your products and services. Dissatisfied customers speak foul of your brand and repel potential customers away with backbiting.
So, be active & create a team to handle customer’s questions and concerns. Try to answer their questions with convincing solutions as soon as possible. You can use autoresponders to answer frequently asked questions immediately. Install a chatbot to answer similar questions to visitors. This will improve the communication level between you & your audience & result in the sales of popular products one after another.


Social Media Live Streaming

The popularity of social media live streaming continues to skyrocket with each passing day. It allows SMO experts to go live on different social media channels, communicate with the interested audience, take questions from them, and offer the best possible solutions on the spot. It is an effective tool to have face-to-face communication with enthusiastic fans and followers & increase their satisfaction level with the brand and ensure the sale of products and services. It lets customers feel special. They love to keep associated with your brand for long & buy useful products/services.


Seek Feedback from Customers & Make Improvements

No one is perfect. Silly mistakes and blunders do happen in SMO and SMM campaigns. It makes all business marketing efforts null & void & results in the wastage of valuable resources. Externally, it is very difficult to make a correct prediction of the customer’s future needs in advance & offer personalised solutions to them.

Be active and include AI-based Social Media Marketing tools in daily activities. With its help, you can easily seek Feedback from customers and make necessary improvements in your SMO and SMM campaigns. AI-based SMM tools also help you to streamline different social media activities & sell more products/services. They also assist you to make the correct predictions about customer’s interests and offer personalised solutions accordingly.


Concluding Remarks
The ultimate objective of any social media campaign is to generate user’s interest in a particular brand, products, services and ensure their sales one after another. Apply these handy tips to sharpen the effectiveness of your SMO & SMM campaigns and generate more leads on a daily basis. Best of Luck

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