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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Taking Magento Product Entry Services



This is blasphemy.
I am an entrepreneur, you say.
If this service improves my business, then shut up and take my money; you shout.

While it is true, it’s not usually wise to squander your money like that. After all, it’s just a matter of asking yourself a bunch of questions to ascertain whether you really need the service or not.

Do I
Need It?
With a 29.1 percent of total market share, Magento is probably the most popular ecommerce platform.

This post is specially written for those ecommerce website owners who either operate Magento on their own but now wish to delegate their work to free up more time, or those who wish to learn Magento to feed in the details on their own.

Before we go forward, what exactly is magento product entry services?

“Simply put; creating, updating and maintaining YOUR business’s product inventory without you having to lift a finger”
You should consider opting for such service if…

Your inventory needs frequent updation
Big business or small, if you have a dynamic product range, it needs frequent updation. You want your customer to know about the latest offers you are providing, or the special discounts, or the combos, or whatever.
You don’t possess the know-how

Magento is speedy, flexible, built for ecommerce, and honestly, a tad bit complicated. But then so is the engine of ferrari.
It is found to be complicated because its comprehensive. And it does take a significant amount of know-how to get the most out of it.

You’d like to circumvent the learning curve
A growth oriented entrepreneur’s main focus should be on the core activities of the business. And by core activities I mean bringing in more clients, discovering new revenue streams or developing the managerial team.
If you are ok investing your time to learn how Magento works, go for it. Learn every nook and cranny of it. But then don’t complain about your dwindling sales or

dismantling team. When you do things by yourself, you have to take time away from other more important things.
Also, don’t get angry when you make newbie mistakes. It happens all the time when you try your hand at something new.
You don’t want uncalled embarrassment and goodwill loss

The mistakes you make while feeding in product details will reflect very poorly on your goodwill. And not just on the goodwill, it might even subject you to a lawsuit by the customer. Yes, some of them are crazy out there.

Try hiring an in-house employee for such not-so-skill intensive work and the expenses will burn a black hole in your pocket. There are many things to consider other than the salary. Things like seating space, computer systems, employee benefits etc. Honestly, it’s not worth the money.

You want luring words to describe your products Many times, a good company providing magento product entry services will also offer to write product descriptions for you.

No matter if you got an A in your high school english essay writing competition, it’s a whole different ballgame to weave juicy words that persuade your customer to click on the “Buy Now” button.
And frankly, it IS a big deal because after looking the images of your product, the next thing your customer reads is the description.

What work can I delegate?
Time to throw the jargons in. We will save time and dive straight to the point.
While we are discussing the magento data entry tasks-to-be-done comprehensively here, there are many companies which do not accept all the work. You should discuss your requirement openly with them and see if they are competent with your desired work.

Product image upload
You have a range of 5 products or 500, do not hesitate putting your load on the back of your service provider company. While most companies or personnels entertain bulk product uploads, it’s advisable to discuss it beforehand.

Product details upload
Details like color, weight, dimensions, SKU number of the product are to be entered with the precision of a surgeon.

Because your customer is very picky. And even though you and I can’t differentiate between Sangria and Crimson, she sure can. Hand over such focus-gobbling work.

Writing product description & titles
Writing product description is like creating such irresistible verse that your website visitor is compelled to add that product in shopping cart.
Such writers exist. Their words can result in mad sales for you. But make sure you take a trial to test the writer’s mettle.

Not only does it help in search engine optimisation, tagging also enables your visitor to find relevant products in your ecommerce site search.

SEO friendly product page URL
Although not very significant in the spectrum of importance, a product’s page URL if customised for SEO can rank higher than your competitors in SERP

Upkeep of inventory
You don’t want your customer to order an out of stock product just because it appears to be available on your website since this tiny detail went unnoticed. Save yourself the trouble of refunds and apologies

Category management
Managed product categories and subcategories gives your visitor the ease of navigation, hence making his experience with you pleasant.
Adding, removing, editing categories and subcategories, creating category names, description and images.
Apart from these core activities, some good magento product entry service providing company can also take care of order processing, order tracking, book keeping, email support and live chat support.

How do I delegate the work safely?
Although there is no significant concern for safety, however you should first take a free trial.
Don’t be all ecstatic by reading the success stories of a service provider company. A company can easily slap in all kinds of charming testimonials in your face, but what really should matter to you is whether the company understands your work or not.
A good company providing magento product entry services would gladly give you a free trial.
Let me explain it through our own example. At Acelerar, we follow a pretty straight forward 5-step procedure.

  • We start by taking our client’s project details. It is important for us because we do not take anything that we can’t do justice with.
  • We introduce the client to their “customer success manager” to define the scope of work and deliverables.
  • We finalise and share the price and the turnaround time
  • Then we provide a free trial to the client. We do not proceed forward without a free trial. Only when the client gives us the green signal, we initiate the project.
  • The project gets initiated and delivered on time

How much would it cost me?
Most companies offer customised rate plans as per the scope of your work. But you can expect anything in the range of $5 to $12 per hour. (By the way, we take $5, but that’s irrelevant)
No matter which rate plan you choose, it’ll always turn out to be more cost effective than an in-house employee.

How do I find good magento data entry service provider?

  • First and foremost, check whether the company provides a free trial. You might think that we are advertising ourselves indirectly, but it’s very important. A free trial will tell you a lot about the quality of work you can expect.
  • Go through the testimonials and try to contact one or two of them. Do a reference check. Find out how long ago the client took the company’s services and why did he switch, if at all he did.
  • Visit the company’s existing clients websites and check how organised it is.

With all the information supplied to you, now you have a solid foundation to build your decision upon.
Those entrepreneurs who are seeking the services of an experienced magento product entry expert can determine if they’d like to go for it.
Let us know if you have second thoughts. Do mention your query in the comments section. We’d love to guide you in the right direction.

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