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Why Data Cleansing Matters for Your Business?


Chakshu Chhabrra

Why Data Cleansing Matters?
Old customer, sales, or operational data can exponentially hinder your business decision-making and marketing efforts.  B2B data having errors or inconsistencies will only lead to flawed results. When making decisions based on inaccurate data insights, any knowledgeable person can conclude what might go wrong! Moreover, with incorrect insights, you will only end up wasting money on poorly targeted marketing campaigns. So, how can small to big firms overcome these data inconsistencies or errors? Well, by practicing data cleansing! Continue reading to find out what data cleansing is and how getting data cleansing services right can benefit your business.  

What is Data Cleansing?

Data Cleansing   As the name pinpoints, data cleansing is a process of cleaning data to maximize its output. This process involves fixing data inconsistencies, inaccuracies, duplications, redundancies, or errors within a dataset.  Also known as data wrangling or data scrubbing, data cleansing services can comprise changing, updating, and deleting rogue data to increase the accuracy of a dataset.   

Why Data Cleansing Matters: Uncovering its Importance 

Why Data Cleansing Matters?   When it comes to the importance of data cleansing, it is a crucial data analysis step to produce accurate and reliable insights about what’s going on in the business and market. Apart from this, clean data also has the following benefits:  
  • Enhanced data consistency

Data consistency helps maintain uniformity and standardization of data collected from varied sources and databases. Your inconsistent data can delay your integration attempts, causing more confusion and error-prone analysis.  Conversely, harmonizing formats, naming conventions, units, and other data elements via data cleansing produces a more uniform dataset that you can smoothly incorporate for further analysis.   
  • Enhanced data accuracy

Improved data accuracy is the importance of data cleansing, which is visible almost immediately. Data collected from various sources often contains mistakes, from misspellings to missing figures and duplicate entries.  The data cleansing ensures removing or correcting the rouge data within a dataset, elevating its accuracy and reliability.   
  • Improved data mappingData Mapping

  Every firm seeks to improve its internal data infrastructure in this data-driven corporate realm. To achieve this objective, companies often collaborate with qualified data analysts for data modeling and developing new applications. Having clean and accurate data from the start can induce quick collation and mapping in an organization. Therefore, devising a solid data cleaning or hygiene plan can prove to be a sensible measure.
  • Boosts productivity

Data cleansing is key to streamlining the data preparation process and saving your team from juggling through old databases to extract business insights. In addition, there is no need for your staff to waste time identifying and fixing mistakes or discrepancies, which could hinder productivity.  Hence, data cleansing helps firms speed up their overall data analysis process by eliminating manual work. Moreover, you can focus more on producing valuable insights by diverting effort to cleaning data upfront.
  • Improved data profiling

You can use data profiling in data cleansing to identify your data’s structure, quality, and patterns. It will aid in identifying abnormalities and outliers to further spot fraud or other problem areas.  Combining data profiling with data cleansing is critical to ensuring your B2B data aligns with your firm’s goals and complies with relevant regulatory standards.
  • Improved decision making

Decision-making can make or break your business! But how can you improve your decision-making so that your company can achieve a competitive edge?  Modern businesses can’t survive and thrive in the fierce competition without hygienic, reliable, high-quality data. Consistent, accurate data serves as a robust tool for deriving reliable insights and empowering decision-makers to make more informed business decisions.
  • Better customer relations

Clean data significantly helps companies fully understand targeted customers and their interests. Access to correct client information via data cleansing enables companies to curate targeted marketing campaigns and provide clients with more individualized services.  As a result, enterprises can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, thus fostering long-lasting relationships.
  • Avoid unnecessary costs

Making business decisions or crafting marketing campaigns with poor-quality data can result in expensive mistakes. Moreover, minor mistakes in a dataset, like processing errors, can quickly snowball into severe issues that can take exponential time, effort, and money to solve. By implementing data cleansing, you can save your business from these expensive mistakes. Regularly checking and cleaning data will allow you to pinpoint blips sooner and immediately take corrective measures.

What Types of Errors Can Data Cleansing Fix?

To avail of the above-discussed perks, data cleansing projects usually focus on fixing the following types of errors within datasets:
  • Inconsistent data: Usually, systems format names, addresses, terms, identifiers, and other attributes differently. Data cleansing can ensure data consistency, enabling accurate analysis. 
  • Typos, invalid, or missing data: Data cleansing is an appropriate process to correct various structural mistakes in a data set, including typographical errors, invalid details, or missing values.
  • Irrelevant data: Your data analytical application might not find some data, out-of-date entries, or outliners relevant, thus skewing their results. Data cleansing is the perfect solution to remove redundant, irrelevant data from B2B datasets and streamline data preparation.
  • Duplicate data: Data cleansing identifies duplicate entries in a data set and deletes or merges them via deduplication measures. 

Partner with Acelerar Data Cleansing Services for Optimal ROI on Your Marketing Campaigns

By collaborating with Acelerar’s data cleansing services, you can turn your data cleansing project into success with optimal ROI on your marketing efforts . Packed with a team of qualified data cleansing experts, we offer a complete suite of data cleansing services to check and clean your business data for validity, completeness, consistency, and accuracy. Hence, accessing our premium data cleansing services is your cutting-edge solution to import, merge, standardize, de-duplicate, export, enrich, and normalize your B2B data.

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