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Why should you Choose Acelerar for Your Internal Accounting



The reliability behind outsourcing the needs, especially the ones too important for the life of your business, actually sources from the reputation of your outsourcing vendor. To state otherwise, the reputation of an accounting outsourcing service firm or vendor is one of the key reasons behind convincing a client to prioritize it for one of its internal processes.

In this context, the article mentions top 4 reasons that why choosing Acelerar, one of the top global brands in outsourcing and offshoring domains, will actually spell profitable results for your internal accounting processes.

Reason No. 1 > Access to Experienced and Insight-Driven Talent Resource:
This is not a self-exaggeration to convince you that Acelerar is the only outsourcing firm in the world to have the best talents in its reservoir. This is not the case at all neither the article tries to convey any flowery parlance. As a matter of fact, Acelerar boasts of its talent resource comprising more than 50 professionals having industry-recognized expertise in the field of Finance and Accounting processes.

Within 3 years of outsourcing engagement periods with a Canada based company for AR (Accounts Receivables) services, Acelerar’s team saved around $1.0 million on operation costs and facilitated 40% of the total debts collection for the client (see case study).

Reason No. 2 > Time-bound and Cost-Compliant Services:
In this highly competitive business market where companies breathlessly try to increase cost savings and improve their business productivity – having a time-bound and cost-compliant outsourcing service is necessary. Since accounting functions play a pivotal role for any business organization, overlooking aspects like preparation of quality and accurate financial reporting, reconciliations, payables, receivables, and taxation, auditing etc. can be potentially bad for the health of the organization.

Time bound and cost-compliant outsourcing services for accounting functions from Acelerar are basically the commitment-driven and result-centric approach of this organization in order to help you avail quality services within the deadline. Such an approach will facilitate your decision-making needs for sound business judgment.

Reason No. 3 > Innovation-driven Accounting Process Solutions:
In every business, there is demand for innovation as today’s intensely fierce global market merits an organization to be innovation-driven so as to acquire competitive lead.

The disorganized accounting functions often pronounce heavily-weighted mismanagement outcome, thus resulting slow-paced business growth for a company. Acelerar brings to you a broadest set of innovative accounting solutions to help you streamline your accounting functions (see home page for more info).

Reason No. 4 > An Engagement-Centric Approach:
How many of you have witnessed the experience of short-term outsourcing engagement with your partners? Most importantly – how was the experience?

To be honest, today’s outsourcing business doesn’t confine to quality-centric service offerings only. If you see around, you’ll gather that there are countless firms just like you which boast of quality service offerings. The point is how do you differ yourself from the others?

Acelerar believes in the engagement-centric outsourcing service offerings with the sole objective to build up an unforgettable trust among clients. This is not just a simple professional attitude, but rather an ingrained professionalism, driving the company to be quality, time-bound and innovative to build up long term client-engagement.

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