Pricing Structure for Data Entry Services

Acelerar offers a multitude of data entry services all under one roof. Our data entry services are professionally rendered with the help of our highly experienced team ensuring that your work is completed to your utmost satisfaction and 100% accuracy.

The fee and pricing structure for data entry services are calculated considering the complexities and skill of the job. Some of the factors are –

  • Total completion time
  • Skill requirements of our data entry resources
  • Project complexity
  • Volume of work
  • Deployment of support and technology

We have compiled a very affordable and exhaustive pricing structure; specific estimates can only be arrived at after a discussion with our clients and executives alike.

Indicative Pricing for Acelerar Data Entry Services.

1. Hourly Rate

  • Data Processing

Data processing services start from $5+/hour subject to particular business.

  • Data Mining

Our basic data entry pricing starts from $5/hoursubject to particular business requirements.

  • Data Entry

Our basic data entry pricing starts from $4/hoursubject to particular business requirements.

  • Catalog Management

Our catalog management services start at $5/hour.

  • Property Management Back Office Services

Our base rates for property management back office services start from $5/hour.

These prices are indicative and vary depending on a multitude of factors such as: technology development, volume of work and weekend support, project complexity and TAT.

2. Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Rates

In many cases, project requirements require a full-time data entry professional. We have prepared a comprehensive pricing structure for this too. These cases will give you access to your assistant on a Full-Time basis i.e. up to 160 hrs / month.

Our FTE Data Entry Services start at $800/ month per resource, as per your project

With comprehensive experience in delivering a myriad of data entry projects to a variety of industry verticals, we are extremely confident of catering to all your requirements. Reach us now to know how Acelerar can help your business grow.

Pricing Disclaimer

Please note that all prices displayed on our website are indicative and are subject to change. Prices displayed are subject to discussions among the stakeholders and final approval of the client and team at the beginning of the project.