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data profiling services

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Data Profiling Services

Data profiling service can help you find distinct prospects and execute targeted marketing campaigns.

Can you pick data sets from your database?

No matter how big your database is, your success as a marketer lies in using your database optimally. A database that allows you to single out data sets can enable you to implement targeted campaigning.

Our data profiling services can eliminate anomalies in your database, offering you a defined structure and high-quality of your database. With our data profiling services, you can easily single out distinguishable data sets so as to execute accurate campaigning.

Acelerar employs a comprehensive validation and profiling process in order to offer high-quality, relevant database.

What Our Clients Have To Say

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Why you need data profiling services

The most significant advantage of data profiling service is to discover business knowledge that is embedded in the data itself.

Data profiling improves the quality of a database the understanding of the data for the users. Needless to say, data profiling is one of the most effective technologies for improving data accuracy. Our data profiling services allow clients to:

  • Discover whether they can use their existing database for multiple purposes
  • Tag data with descriptions, categories, or keywords so as to improve the ability to search data
  • Assess data quality whether the data meets to a particular pattern or standard
  • Discover the challenges they can face in integrating data for new applications
  • Get an enterprise view of all data

Our process of data profiling services includes automatic and manual verification and validation of data, deciphering data formats, and the removal of duplicate records.

Once duplicate data is removed from your database, your marketing emails will reach more inboxes. This means a higher ROI. And calling verified and validated contacts ensures that you will ring the right office and the right person will answer your call, providing you with more opportunities to convert prospects into your happy customers.

As a database can have different data formats, Acelerar has experienced data experts who have worked in virtually all data formats. So you will always get top-quality data profiling services, regardless of your need.

Data profiling is a need of time

A report published in Gartner states,

“More than 25 Percent of Critical Data in the World’s Top Companies is Flawed”

Data is collected through multiple ways, such as automated device capture, spreadsheet uploads, online transactions, manual screen entry, and more. So there are many chances for flawed data to enter a database.

And the worst part?

This flawed data not only wastes your time but also wastes your money. Every year, companies spend a great deal of money on flawed data that doesn’t bring any ROI. If you want ROI of each and every dollar you spend, you should have a normalized database at your disposal that can single out data sets without any hassle.

Acelerar can help you profile your data and increase ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Why we are different

We are not just any company offering data profiling services. We stand out out in a crowd just because of our high-quality data profiling services.

Acelerar has a team of skilled data experts who have long experience in different data formats. Whatever your need is, our data experts can profile your data in the quickest possible time.

You should know that normalized database is a key to maximizing opportunities, solving business challenges, exploring new markets, and staying updated to implement new strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is data profiling?

Data profiling is basically the examining and analysis of the data sets to find out the hidden potential of the data which can be used for effective targeted campaigning and many other purposes.

Why is data profiling important?

Data profiling is important to review the source data, to improve the data quality and users’ understanding of data. Also, it helps to have a quality check of the data to own a qualitative and reliable database.

How is data profiling done?

The process of data profiling involves examining data sources, statistics collection about the data, quality assessment of data, validation, data storage and safety and data processing.

What are the different types of services under data profiling?

Data profiling involves data quality checks, Data credibility maintenance, information security, compliances and risk handling, capacity management, etc.

What is the pricing of data profiling services?

We offer data profiling services at an extremely affordable rate which is starting from $180 -$960 per month and $5-$10 per hour.