Outsource Denial Management

Medical claims denials are among the biggest concerns for any doctor or a healthcare professional. After all, ‘no’ is not exactly the right word you’d want to hear as a doctor, especially when you are expecting a medical bill reimbursement. The situation here can grow to be fairly frustrating and infuriating that prompts the need of an expert that is capable and equipped enough to take care of medical claim denials. Acelerar’s denial management services ensure your denial rate hits rock bottom and your profit accountability stops plummeting further. Chief Reasons Behind Denials In an ideal world, the key reason behind medical claim denials is the absence of correct information or prevalence of incorrect information. However, there are several other reasons that can push any medical practitioner to fall into an abyss of seemingly endless denials. Take a look.
  • Wrong Patient Information
  • Inaccurate Medical Code Entry
  • Covered and non-covered medical ailments
  • Lack of Necessary Documents
  • Pre-Certification and Pre-Authorization Cases
Service Overview Denial management is a specialty of Acelerar. We help our clients turn every denial they encounter, into an approval. Extensive market research and a thorough analysis on medical claim denials have allowed us to form a streamlined strategy to tackle denials and effectively minimize them. Here’s how we work – Identify the Reasons First As opposed to many companies, we don’t deduce conclusions from on-paper facts and figures. We get to the bottom and identify the exact cause behind the denial. This helps us to formulate a better plan and come up with the right denial management solution for you. Deploy Our Specialized Resources After thoroughly scrutinising candidates from different industry domains, we have amassed a team of highly qualified and proficient professionals who know exactly where to start and where to wrap-up. These professionals are experts in minimizing the follow-up time when a claim is denied, thus increasing your chances of cashing the claim rather quickly. Work under Complete Compliance At Acelerar, we understand that denial management is a tricky business. Even the most trivial mistakes can lead you to litigation issues. This is why, we have kept our denial management services completely compliant with insurer’s norms and other standard procedures. Why Choose Us
  • Lowest Turnaround Time
  • Cost-Efficient Services
  • Customized Denial Management Services
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