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eCommerce Product Data Migration

Product data migration in eCommerce is common for most companies. You may choose to shift to a different platform for reasons such as dissatisfaction with the existing platform, limited usability of the platform, or simply better features on another platform.

The primary concern of companies, in this case, is dealing with this huge amount of data with accuracy. Data security remains another major concern in data migration. Acelerar eCommerce product data migration services can be your solution for reliable, secure, and accurate data migration.

Why choose Acelerar for eCommerce product data migration?

Migrating to another platform is a tedious task where businesses are left dealing with large amounts of information. It is necessary to be efficient and accurate while migrating data for a seamless transition and continued customer satisfaction. eCommerce product data migration experts at Acelerar can take over this major task with complete accuracy, ensuring data security and efficiency.

All your information is accurately migrated to the new platform. With zero data loss, Acelerar’s eCommerce product data migration services ensure high quality and efficiency.

Data security and confidentiality
There is no compromise on data security and confidentiality with Acelerar’s services. All product data are carefully handled, ensuring complete security.

Experience with multiple platforms
Our team is well-versed in multiple types of platforms. With this expertise, we can provide you with the best data migration plan based on your old and new platforms.

Cost-effective and customizable solutions
Choose from multiple packages based on your business scale and receive customized solutions for your business. With multiple cost-effective and scalable solutions, you can seamlessly migrate your product data to your platform of choice.

Seasoned experts to handle your data
Our team of seasoned professionals and experts in the field creates plans specifically suited to all your requirements.

How eCommerce product data migration works?

Analysis and planning: All existing data are analyzed and backed up for reference. This ensures that the migration process stays on track without any issues. A plan is created, taking into consideration the requirements of the new platform for seamless migration. A comparative analysis of both previous and new platforms guides the most efficient way to migrate data. Any potential corrections or additions are suggested by our experts for the smooth functioning of your new site.

Structuring data migration: All your data are structured and mapped for migration for an orderly transition.

Data auditing: All data are audited to ensure nothing is missed. The data are verified to ensure accurate product data migration.

Data organization: The migrated data are organized using comma format or tab format filing.

Metadata: For seamless performance, all metadata are freshly added to ensure there are no issues. This includes product descriptions, URLs, images, titles, etc.

Integration with payment services: Payment service providers or payment gateways are added to the platform. Any third-party extensions that you may require can also be added.

Final verification: All data are verified and cross-referenced with the previous site to check if all information is in order.

With ample experience and training, our professionals can accurately and efficiently work on data migration for your eCommerce site. Let experts from Acelerar handle your eCommerce product data migration for a hassle-free experience.

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eCommerce product data migration means shifting all your eCommerce data, such as product details, customer data, order history, metadata, etc., from one platform to another.

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