Exit Interview Outsourcing

Exit Interview (EI) is one of the time-consuming interview processes, conducted with the sole objective to identify factors contributing reduction in the number of outgoing employees or talent resources within an organization.

Exit interview outsourcing is a good opportunity for organizations unwilling to set up an EI team to find out the factors causing growth in employee turnover rate.

  • Is the top employee diminution the most potential concern for your industry?
  • Do you seek solution to employee retention? Do you want to avail long term preservation of best talent pool in your organization?

If yes, then Acelerar can provide you solutions to employee turnover and will ensure long-term retention talent resources and enhanced workforce productivity. We provide result-driven affordable EI solutions to clients.

Acelerar is one of the renowned leaders in providing outsourcing and offshoring solutions to startup, small and mid-sized organizations worldwide.

Why Acelerar For Exit Interview Outsourcing?

Acelerar has worked with many leading organizations; provided them exit-interview solutions and helped them attain results like human resource improvement, employee retention, fast and affordable process for improved staff productivity. Acelerar can offer you industry-recognized expertise in the process of handling exit interviews.

We help you understand key areas behind employee turnover so that you can initiate steps to evade such a situation in future.

What We Do In Exit Interview Outsourcing?

We engage our seasoned professionals, who will interview outgoing employees, help you identify key issues regarding employee turnover. We will collect and report you a detailed EI data.

Our seasoned HR professionals will ask customized questions (according to your specifications) to your departing employees. Based on feedbacks, we will help you find problem areas for the employee turnover. For instance, we will help you figure out whether employees are leaving for displeasure from the management level or they have got good some job opportunities among other key areas in this regard.

Based on the feedback out of exit interview, we will report you with comprehensive analysis. If asked, we will also give our recommendations as per the feedbacks.

For benefits like time-bound, candid EI responses, EI data consistency, reliability and confidentiality, Acelerar can help you assess key factors behind increasing employee turnover rate.

Given that increasing employee turnover rate is a bad sign for the constructive growth of an organization, we maintain our best HR practices as per industry-set benchmark so as to offer you best EI solutions. We will help you reduce EI rate and increase employee retention.

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