Why Outsource?

  • Access on-demand coding resources to handle any variation in requirement.
  • Ensure optimum coding productivity, accuracy and expertise in a dynamic environment.
  • Minimize the overall cost of the transition with complete quality assurance.

Our Services

Financial Model Outsourcing We understand that the approach and method you need to follow on financial modeling isn’t necessarily typical of what your organization does on a day-to-day basis, and determine the exact impact of the transition, while taking into consideration all functional areas that drive the ultimate expense. ICD-10 Traing Outsourcing Although there is no dearth of training programs on ICD-10 coding, pre-bundled training packages seldom suffice. We closely work with you to create a comprehensive training program highlighting the changes your organization will undergo in order to adopt the new code set. Organizational Readiness Outsourcing We follow a holistic approach to determine how prepared your organization is for ICD-10, forecast your success after the transition, and ensure that the transition places you in a better position to assess your organization, providing a comprehensive overview of every function. Clinical Documentation Outsourcing Making a transition to ICD-10 may result in ICD-10 delays in claims processing and innumerable documentation hassles. We take the complexity out of the transition by employing a team of clinical documentation experts to closely monitor every aspect of documentation compliance.

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