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Consider this: If your business proposition were to be the same as that of your competition and if there was absolutely no difference between your offer and that of your nearest competitor, the only differentiating factor would be customer service. Customer service doesn’t just mean how quickly you respond to their queries or how well you sweet talk. Customer service also includes all those little things you do, including how you run your business overall. The challenge is this: you’d need to provide exemplary customer service while keeping your costs low. Yet, you’d still have to meet the relentless demands your customers are likely to make. Hiring full-time support staff might not work for every business due to the time it takes to hire competent staff and due to the costs incurred. That’s when it makes sense to outsource processes such as customer support (and many others) to Acelerar Acelerar Tech’s Inbound Call Center Services We have a long-reputation as not just a competent outsourcing company but also as an efficient and fun place to work at. Some of that fun and efficiency finds its way into how we deal with demanding client work. Our superior expertise in inbound call center services comes from decades of experience and learning from our clients as we go. A few of our inbound call center services include:
  • General Customer support services & help desk management
  • Support ticket responses and management
  • Ecommerce live chat, ecommerce store management, and multi-channel ecommerce store management
  • Handling inbound sales calls
  • IVR services
  • Payment follow-up & collection services
  • Toll-free setup & Toll-free call management.
  • Virtual receptionist services
  • Remote cold calling services
  • Website response management services
  • Technical support services
  • Email management services
Why Inbound Call Center Services? This is the era of lean business. Spend less and make more. Turn your business strategy into the future of work. Maintaining an inbound call center takes a train full of money, which could be used for something more important (or maybe critical). You can, in fact:
  • Cut down on your infrastructure costs.
  • Obviate the need for continuous hiring and training agents.
  • Let your customers squeal in delight with the blazing fast responsiveness that we can provide for you.
  • Scale up (or scale down) your business as you deem fit.
How to start outsourcing Inbound Call Center services? Whether you are trying to set up a dedicated inbound call center in India or if you’d like to just outsource parts of your business processes, our skilled sales staff can help bridge your requirements with our portfolio of inbound call center services. Reach out to us and we’d take the pledge to fulfill your business goals. Dial (408) 426.5817 (United States), +91- 120-424-3398 (India), to talk to our sales executives. If you have a question related to our outsource Inbound call center services, you may also send an e-mail to

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