Welcome to the Outsourcing D.y.n.a.m.i.c.s.

Until recently, SMBs and established enterprises had limited expectations for their outsourcing relationships; they wanted better efficiency, streamlined operations, and cost-savings. Today, the expectations have changed and companies in both private and public sectors need more as they wrestle with unprecedented challenges such as changing consumers’ expectations, economic uncertainty, competition, and regulatory pressures.
A new generation of outsourcing providers is here and the aim is to provide comprehensive services that are not limited to cost efficiencies and operational excellence, instead, other measurable outcomes are also considered such as increased sales, higher level of employee engagement, better customer satisfaction, higher productivity, value for money, and increased market share, among others. Outsourcing has become a way to dramatically improve your business presentation and shareholder value. Businesses that have consulted ‘Gen-z’ outsourcing service providers have achieved dramatic savings and build a capacity to grow in a way that would have been difficult even with a team of in-house resources.
A key to becoming a success story is no rocket-science and there is no magic bullet required. Instead, a combination of structured approach, common sense, and industry experience may help. This handbook is created to help you do just that.

About the Author
Anupam Rajey, CEO, Acelerar, is a well-known name among industry experts. He aims to revolutionize enterprise operations by giving businesses a new dimension. His curiosity to attain maximum knowledge and a desire to build-up something on his own persuaded him to co-found Acelerar. He believes that outsourcing is much more than a cost-saving strategy. Instead, it helps an organization to refocus on its core services and have a diverse talent pool. The aim behind writing “The Outsourcing Dynamics: A Comprehensive Guide,” is to provide a single source of information regarding outsourcing, its benefits, costs and informing readers about changing business trends and environment circumstances.