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E-Mail and Chat Support to Experts

For every business, be it small or big, customer support plays a vital role in the success. Happy customers spread a good word about your products and company, encouraging more people to buy from you. However, having an in-house email & chat support is a costly affair as you will have to hire a full- time resource. Also, you will have to buy office equipment to start email & chat support operation. A smart way to offer efficient email & chat support is to hire a virtual assistant for the same.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Good work is followed by good word

Tasks Our Virtual E-mail & Chat Support Assistants Can Complete

Here is a list of tasks our virtual email & chat support assistants can complete:

  • Replying queries within stipulated timeline
  • Updating knowledge base for new, possible, queries
  • Resolving escalated cases
  • Forwarding queries to the right department for resolution
  • Offering customer support for your eCommerce store
  • Registration of new customers
  • Recording complaints
  • Responding to inbound emails
  • Web chat and web call-back
  • Complaint analysis

In addition to these tasks, you can assign any other email & chat support task to your virtual email & chat support assistant.

Benefits Of Hiring Virtual
Email & Chat Support

By outsourcing email & chat support to a virtual assistant, you can focus on your core business activities. Following is a list of some top benefits of hiring a virtual email and chat support assistant:

  • You can save up to 60% in operating cost by off shoring email & chat support to a virtual assistant
  • By hiring a virtual email & chat support from a different time zone, you can offer 24/7 customer support inexpensively
  • Virtual email & chat support assistants don’t demand any casual leave, sick leave or any other employment benefit. No work means no money.

Virtual email & chat support assistants are a safe way to scale up the customer support operation

Why You Should Hire Us

Our virtual email & chat support subscription packages have everything you need to succeed. We offer:

  • Experienced virtual email & chat support assistants – Our virtual support assistants have worked with diverse industries
  • Flexible subscription plans with low hourly rates
  • No contractual obligation – Hire a support assistant as per your requirements
  • 100% confidentiality
  • Money back guarantee – We will refund you if you are not satisfied

Dedicated customer success manager to ensure productivity

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20 Hour
  • 3 Hours Free Trial
  • 1 Assigned Assistant
  • Available from 9AM-5PM (EST)
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40 Hour
  • 3 Hours Free Trial
  • 1 Assigned Assistant
  • Phone, Email & Chat support
  • Available from 9AM-5PM (EST)
  • Project management tools
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80 Hour
  • 3 Hours Free Trial
  • 1 Dedicated Assistant
  • Phone, Email & Chat support
  • Available from 9AM-5PM (EST)
  • Project management tools
  • Unused hours rollover
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160 Hour
  • 3 Hours Free Trial
  • 1 Dedicated Assistant
  • Phone, Email & Chat support
  • Available from 9AM-5PM (EST)
  • Project management tools
  • 1 Account Manager
  • Unused hours rollover
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*All Monthly plans are subscription based plans and renew automatically until cancelled

**Additional hours will be charged at $12.00/hour

Frequently Asked Questions

What services can I expect from Acelerar Technologies?

We at Acelerar have been successfully managing email & chat support services for various clients from across the globe. Our services include – query resolution, updating knowledge base with new, updated queries, handling escalations, customer support, order fulfillment and verification etc.

Do you provide round the clock chat support?

Yes. We have a 24×7 work environment, with round the clock easy shifts for our employees. Not just chat support, but all our services are available round the clock.

Where will my Virtual Email and Chat Assistant be located?

All our Virtual Assistants are based in India and provide their services from India. However our Virtual Assistants work round the clock so you can be sure that a VA will be available at your time-zone from PST to EST.

I don't think chatting will occupy full time of an agent because of its inconsistency, do I still have to pay for full-time employee?

Absolutely not! You can opt for hourly packages if you feel chat support will not be a full-day job. That way you would only be billed for the hours that the virtual assistant has worked. Alternatively you can opt for chat support along with other services data entry, research etc. Whichever package you choose, your dedicated Virtual Assistant will send you daily report at the end of the day reporting about the tasks completed etc so you know where your hours are being utilized.

Communicating with customers over email and chat requires impeccable communication skills. Does your staff have it?

Of course! All our staffs are thorough professionals have experience working with clients from all over the world. At Acelerar we have a global client base from across the world. All our employees are professionals and possess good communication skills in English (both written and oral) so as to facilitate communication with international clients. You can rest assured you will be assigned a Virtual Assistant matching your expectation and requirement.