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Virtual Research Assistant

Organizations, regardless of their sizes, need to conduct Internet research for a variety of reasons, such as gaining competitive intelligence, finding new markets for their products and services, finding statistics to devise marketing plans, etc. As Internet research takes time and effort, successful organizations hire virtual research assistants. A virtual research assistant is a remote worker who conducts Internet research as per their clients’ needs and sends the data to their clients after compilation.

What Our Clients Have To Say

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Tasks Our Virtual Research Assistants Can Complete

Following is the list of tasks that you can assign to our online research assistants:
●    Keyword search
●    Image and chart search
●    Product and market search
●    Buying research reports
●    Rates and catalogs search
●    Web research
●    Search for domain availability
●    Statistics assistance
●    Research data compilation
●    General vendor research
●    Schemes and deals research
●    Research related to paperwork and government procedures
●    Legal procedure research
●    Logistics solutions
●    Job search & application
●    Data processing & management

In addition to these tasks, your virtual research assistant can do any custom task you have in the mind.

Benefits Of Hiring Virtual Research Assistant

Internet research has become an integral part of business operations these days. Entrepreneurs and startup heads spend a great deal of time on Internet research. This, sometimes, leaves them with inadequate time for core business activities. Hiring an in-house employee for Internet research is not a smart decision as the volume of research-based tasks fluctuates. Hiring a virtual assistant for Internet research is an easy way to get research-based tasks done. Unlike an in-house employee, your virtual research assistants will not demand casual leave, sick leave, or any retirement benefit. And the best part, you will have a complete freedom from numerous liabilities that are associated with hiring in-house resources.

Why You Should Hire Us?

Our virtual research assistant subscription packages have everything you need to succeed. We offer:

  • Experienced Internet research assistants – Our VAs have worked with diverse industries.
  • Flexible subscription plans with low hourly rate
  • No contractual obligation – Hire a virtual assistant as per your requirements
  • 100% confidentiality
  • Money back guarantee – We will refund you if you are not satisfied
  • Dedicated customer success manager to ensure productivity
  • No limit on the number of tasks – You can assign as many tasks you want, depending on the time needed to complete those tasks

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20 Hour
  • 3 Hours Free Trial
  • 1 Assigned Assistant
  • Available from 9AM-5PM (EST)
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40 Hour
  • 3 Hours Free Trial
  • 1 Assigned Assistant
  • Phone, Email & Chat support
  • Available from 9AM-5PM (EST)
  • Project management tools
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80 Hour
  • 3 Hours Free Trial
  • 1 Dedicated Assistant
  • Phone, Email & Chat support
  • Available from 9AM-5PM (EST)
  • Project management tools
  • Unused hours rollover
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160 Hour
  • 3 Hours Free Trial
  • 1 Dedicated Assistant
  • Phone, Email & Chat support
  • Available from 9AM-5PM (EST)
  • Project management tools
  • 1 Account Manager
  • Unused hours rollover
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*All Monthly plans are subscription based plans and renew automatically until cancelled

**Additional hours will be charged at $12.00/hour

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my Virtual Research Assistant be located?

All our Virtual Assistants are based in India and provide their services from India. However our Virtual Assistants work round the clock so you can be sure that a VA will be available at your time-zone from PST to EST.

What all tasks can I assign to my Virtual Research Assistant?

At Acelerar, Our Virtual Research Assistants can help you with a wide range of online research-related tasks like keyword research, competitor research, market research, statistics, rates and catalogue search etc. Apart from this, our Virtual Research Assistants can help you with any custom task that you may have in mind.

What skills do your Virtual Research Assistants possess?

All our employees are skilled college graduates with experience and expertise in specific areas. They even undergo rigorous training after employment in specific domains. When you hire a Research Assistant with us, you can sure that you VA will be someone with necessary qualification and experience in the required area so as to cater to your needs efficiently.

Why do I need a Virtual Research Assistant ?

We agree! Anyone can refer to the internet and find out relevant information. But that’s not all. Online research takes time. You need to sort and filter through the vast ocean of information before you can lay your hands on something worthwhile. This is where Virtual Research Assistants come in. They have experience working with large volumes of data and can find out relevant information quickly and efficiently. They are even aware of various tools and techniques to present the information in a report format so that it can be easily interpreted and understood for further use. Therefore hiring one of our Virtual Research Assistants to help you with research related tasks will save you not just time but also money.

How can I be sure that all information, data etc will be safe?

With us you can be 100% certain that all information, communication, data etc will be confidential between you and your assistant. We as a company sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with all our clients so you can rest assured that all your details will be safe with us.