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The help that we have received has enabled us to increase our sales immediately after starting with this project. Acelerar is great and we will continue to work with them for future projects. Great work!!

Joe Capone
Joe Capone
Owner at OmniMedi Financial

Thanks for a job very well done! Will definitely recommend the team of diligent people.

client elmari
Elmari Strauss
Freelancer, South Africa

I had a great experience working with Acelerar! They learn very quickly and deliver excellent results!

Chenoa Rangel
Chenoa Rangel
Managing Director at Ominto


Join an elite club of companies that have embraced the future of work. Instead of looking for new full-time hires or expensive talent, outsource your business tasks to us and we'd do it all for you.














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Ask any eCommerce businessman about the most cumbersome, critical task, and you will get the same answer. The answer will be product data entry. Whether you are selling products on online marketplaces, such as Amazon or eBay, or you are having your own eCommerce website, product data entry is a complex task as you need to feed lots of data and you need to feed it accurately. Any tiny error in any product’s details can send your website visitors to other sites.

At Acelerar, we have significant experience in product data entry for Amazon & eBay. Our data experts will carefully feed each and every detail of your products, ruling out any possibility of any error.


Whether you are working in the B2B business domain or B2C business domain, you need a clear, updated list of existing customers and prospective ones to execute marketing strategies. List building is an important aspect of direct marketing. Regardless of your business domain, the strength of your business list decides the success of your marketing efforts. The bigger your list is, the more ROI you will get. Also, your business list should allow you to segregate data easily if you want to offer a special discount to your big customers. This is what our list building services offer.

At Acelerar, we can create a business list from scratch, update your existing list, append information, and convert your list into your desired format so that you can easily upload it in your CRM. Click here for more details.


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Startup owners and entrepreneurs have to conduct lots of research on the Internet for multiple purposes. Sometimes, they have to find information about their competitors, and sometimes, they need to search for new opportunities. Regardless of one’s business domain, Internet research is something that nobody can ignore. Needless to say, Internet research takes time. Startup owners and entrepreneurs  can save their time by hiring virtual research assistants and put more focus on their core business activities. Remember, as a businessman, your main job is to increase ROI.

At Acelerar, we have an experienced team of virtual assistants who have worked for diverse verticals. Our virtual assistant services will do Internet research as per your instructions and send you the data in the stipulated time.


Data entry is a cumbersome task. Whether you are a small businessman or medium businessman, handling data in-house always poses many problems. Errors in input process, wrong data configuration, human errors, expenses involved in the data entry process are just a few of many things that make entrepreneurs worried. This is the reason why a large number of companies, small and big, are outsourcing data entry work. This not only eases out their burden, but also help them save both time and money. We offer impeccable data entry services.

At Acelerar, we have a team of experienced data entry experts who have worked for a wide spectrum of industries. Whatever your need is, our data entry experts have solutions for you.


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Are you thinking about scaling up your business and worrying about the operational cost? Remote workers are the safest bet for you. And a good thing is you can hire remote workers for a wide range of tasks. Be it social media management, real estate inventory management, administrative tasks, or personal tasks, remote workers can increase your productivity. Either you can hire a team of remote workers only for social media management or you can hire an assorted team roping in remote workers for social media management and real estate inventory management or more.


At Acelerar, we have experienced remote workers who have worked in a wide spectrum of business domains. So whatever you need is, we can build a remote team for you.


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If you want to set up your ecommerce store via Amazon Marketplace, Acelerar can provide you end-to-end support with our extensive experience and expertise. We have helped a large number of online merchants with Amazon Product Upload.

Amazon is one the biggest eCommerce platforms in the entire world and a hot favourite among online retailers. Millions of online merchants are selling their products via Amazon Marketplace.

Our Amazon Product Upload Specialists are trained in all aspects of Amazon Marketplace Management. We can not only help you in minimizing your expenses, but also deliver cutting edge services in the quickest turnaround possible. Our experts can perform each and every task with 100 % accuracy.

We can efficiently handle Amazon Bulk Product Upload through CSV files, and add product descriptions and suitable images to attract your customers further.

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