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Virtual Assistants

Empower your productivity with Virtual
Assistant expertise: Streamline operations
and liberate your time for strategic growth.

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E Commerce

From store setup to marketing strategy, our
services drive growth in the digital

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Data Management

Empowering your business with
comprehensive Data Management
Solutions: Organize, Analyze, and
Optimize for informed decision-making.

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Email Marketing

Crafting connections, cultivating lists:
Unleash the full potential of your business
with our Email Marketing and List Building

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Remote Teams

Unlock global talent: Harness productivity
and efficiency with our Remote Offshore
Team Services.

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A-Z process of booking appointments with high lead-to-deal potential. Seize new opportunities within the first few weeks.

Conventional Hiring vs Acelerar 

Experience how Acelerar guides businesses in creating offshore full-time
teams, allowing for easy business scaling and minimizing retention

In-house Hiring

Acelerar Hiring

Expedited OnboardingLonger onboarding period (4-8 weeks). Fast onboarding process (within a week).
Dynamic Scalability  Slower scaling process. Onboarding takes 30-60 days    Effortless scaling as per project needs.
Onboarding takes 7 days.  
Seamless Downsizing Risk to reputation, social equity and low
team morale. Downsizing takes 3 months  
Easy downsizing with minimal impact.
Just one email away!   
  Salary (including benefits)Avg 80K USD per person per year 15K USD per person per year (70% less)   
Cost of Infrastructure  High Infrastructure overheads Zero. All-inclusive pricing.
 Cost of hiring(one time) and
Avg 15K USD per yearZero
 Compliance & HR Management  Navigate complex US labor laws Acelerar handles complete legal
compliance and HR  
Access to ExpertiseLimited to local talent pool  Access to a vast and diverse talent pool  
Smooth transition and SupportTransition complexities Smooth transition experts by Acelerar 
  Time Zone Advantage  
Limited global coverage 24/7 work cycle enabled by 10-12 hour
time zone difference 
Team Management  Need dedicated team manager, access
to productivity tools
Dedicated team manager inc.

Why should you hire Remote Team from Acelerar?

We have helped 100s of companies hire top
remote talent to scale their business faster.

  • Hire Fully-Vetted graduate team members in less
    than 7 days.
  • We manage salary, taxes, infra, leaves and everything.
  • Increase your cash runway by 9-12 months.
  • Hire fast, Scale faster.

What do people
ask us?

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You can outsource a wide range of back-office functions, including data entry, customer support, accounting, HR, IT support, and more. Our teams are trained to handle various tasks as per your requirements. 

It takes anywhere between 1-2 weeks depending upon your requirements. 

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We are ISO 9001 and ISMS certified company.We have strict security measures in place, including secure networks, encrypted communication, and robust access controls. Our teams also sign non-disclosure agreements to protect your data.

Outsourcing offshore often provides cost savings of up to 50-70% compared to hiring onshore staff. It allows you to access highly skilled professionals at a lower cost.

Yes, you can easily scale your offshore team based on your business needs. We offer flexibility in team size and composition.

Our offshore teams are typically trained and experienced in their respective fields. However, we can customize training to align with your specific processes and preferences.

Each team is assigned a SPOC and a Customer Success Manager for smooth communication. We use various communication tools and project management software to facilitate seamless collaboration. Regular meetings and updates are also part of our process to ensure alignment.

Our contract and billing structures are flexible and can be customized to suit your needs. We offer both hourly and fixed-rate pricing options.

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