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What is Data Verification?

Inaccurate data affects the implementation of marketing plans and the growth of your business. Be it a small business or a big organization, correct data is a must to secure a high business growth.

Whether you have collected data in-house or you have procured data externally, the data should be verified and validated before you integrate it with the master database of your company. Data verification is the process of checking the data for accuracy and inconsistency.

Even if you there is no new data integration, you need to get your master database verified and validated in order to maintain the quality of your data.

Acelerar offers data verification services that ensure accuracy, high-quality, and authenticity of your master database.


How do we do Data Verification

We at Acelerar pride ourselves in offering high quality, authentic data verification services for your database. We follow both manual and automatic methods of data verification so as to minimize any scope of error and to double-check data for accuracy.

We offer different types of data verification so as to ensure that you have accurate and authentic master database in every way.

Email Address Verification

  • Needless to say, the quality of emails in your database decides the fate of your email campaigns. You will be wasting your time and efforts if your master database has incorrect or deactivated email accounts. Therefore, email verification is imperative.

    Our email address verification service will make sure that your master database has accurate, opt-in email addresses to increase deliverability.

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Tele Verification

For the success of your marketing efforts, it is imperative that your master database should have verified contact numbers. Remember that each and every contact number in your database is your prospect and can be your customer. And every wrong number is a waste of time and effort.

At Acelerar, we make sure that each and every contact in our clients’ databases is verified. We scrap old and inactive data to offer you a clean, verified, updated database. We employ an extensive test verification process to identify discrepancies in your database and rectify them through our contact data verification process.

Social Verification

  • Having contact numbers in your master database is not enough. You need to have the right names, titles, companies for increasing the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

    We can validate names, titles, companies against various social networks. The main objective our social verification service is to dig out information about contacts, their working titles, company etc.

    Social verification along with email verification and tele verification make your database clean and updated which would yield results in the long run.

Benefits of data verification services

Acelerar offers high-quality data verification services. Here are three main benefits that your business can reap from our data verification and validation services:

  • Right contact numbers and email addresses ensure that you will get better marketing results.
  • Verified data means only right people will receive emails and there will no email to non-existent email addresses which will enhance your presence as a business as only targeted people with similar interests will receive information, mailers etc.
  • Once you have the correct details of prospects or people in your database you will be able to reach out to your targeted prospects quickly and more efficiently.


If you are a B2B marketer, it becomes necessary for you to get your master database verified.

A research says that Email marketing databases naturally degrade by about 22.5% every year. So, after a year, your database becomes obsolete and less effective. If you use this database, your marketing efforts won’t yield good results.

Our data verification services will verify your B2B database and you will get relevant and working contacts. We have experienced data verification experts on board who are capable of handling any size/format of data.

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Frequently Asked Questions of Data Verification Services

You can mail us all the files you wish to digitize. If the files are bigger, you can upload the files using file sharing services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or on our FTP.

Acelerar has comprehensive security policy in place which avoids any theft / loss of your precious data. In addition to this, we will be glad to sign a confidentiality agreement.

As soon as you send your data entry/processing task, we will evaluate and let you know the timelines for the completion of your request. However, we will keep reporting on a daily basis for milestones achieved and progress of your task. This will ensure your constant oversight of the whole process.

You can be in constant touch with data entry operators who are woking on your project. Your team will be available for you on Gtalk / Skype/ GoToMeeting/ Phone (US No.) as per your business hours and request.


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