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Data Verification Services

Many businesses struggle with unverified data. Incomplete and inconsistent data throws a wrench into your entire marketing strategy. Marketing now transcends beyond converting leads; you have to tailor your strategy to turn your customers into repeat, loyal, and trusting customer base. For that, you need authentic business intelligence to move forward with your relationship.

Would you lose this incredible space of personalization because of a few errors? Or send your meticulously tailored, personalized email into a digital void? Well, you have a high chance of doing this if your data is not verified. This is where Data Verification Services comes to your rescue, they put the right data for your marketing team.

Get More Value From Your Data With Data Verification Services

Data needs to be real; you could spend hours on the marketing campaigns built on unverified data. Data is the foundation of your marketing strategy and campaigns. With the right data, you add the right perspective to your customer messages.

To unlock your data’s true potential, it’s important to make it free from incorrect or irrelevant actions. Data verification services identify and flag incorrect information, removing obsolete data from the marketing data pipeline.

Verify and Validate Your Marketing Data Now with Acelerar’s Data Verification Services.

Consumers Buy From Companies That Recognize And Remember Them

Consumers like a personalized and seamless experience. Companies leverage this experience by recognizing and remembering each customer and their respective journey with the brand. This includes remembering what they like, their significant dates, and their shopping preferences; the attributes are endless.

However, this cannot happen without accurate and up-to-date consumer data. Companies may have large datasets, but they also contain filler and outlier data of no use. Successful companies outsource data verification services to third-party partners to build verified customer data. Turn Data into Delighted Customers! Get started with Acelerar’s Data Verification Services Today.

1. Data Accuracy Builds Trust
  • You end up sending an email to your subscriber but with the wrong name! A small unverified Excel or JSON cell makes your customers believe you don’t value them. It’s a small detail, but if bad data takes the stage, it can prove catastrophic.
  • Data validation services ensure your data is clean, updated, and accurate. You get an important arsenal in fostering long-term customer relationships.
2. Witness The Power Of Personalization
  • Verified customer data like name, title, designation, and user behavior helps you tailor your communication. Think of sending a customized message on the day of your customer’s wedding anniversary or recommending relevant products and services.
  • Having the right data unlocks endless possibilities for your marketing team.
3. Never Forget Your Customers
  • Over time, customers may have changed their credentials or moved to a new designation. Data validation services help reconnect the missing link.
  • You can connect again with verified contact details. Surprise your old customer with a loyalty program or a special re-engagement offer.
4.Seamless Omnichannel Experience
  • Consumers look for services and products across multiple channels, such as social media, email, newsletters, online stores, and physical locations. Data validation services help in establishing a single, unified, and trustworthy consumer persona.
  • You can scale this information across your channels to create a more immersive and engaging customer relationship experience.

By ensuring data accuracy, businesses achieve trust building, maintain exceptional customer experience, build powerful personalization, and create seamless omnichannel engagement. Data verification services can make a palpable difference in businesses.

Don’t Let Bad Data Hurt Your Customer Relationships! Get a free quote today!

Typos Will Land your Messages in Spam Folders

A simple string of email credentials holds incredible power. You are free to interpret the designation and company name. Behind those strings is a real person with interests, needs, and preferences. Bad information in your email can hurt your email deliverability, and typos in your email content can sabotage your email marketing efforts.

Your email triggers the filter setting of your client email. Spam filters push emails with wrong or inconsistent information. Bad information signals an untrustworthy source, triggering the filtering process. It can also reduce credibility and customer engagement. The quality of information in your marketing campaign plays a massive role in positioning your brand.

Increase ROI: How Data Verification Uncovers Customer Needs

The modern digital era is data-dense. Internet adoption, social media, e-commerce, and online advertising are driving unlimited user-generated data. The data keeps evolving, if not updating. Leveraging data for business intelligence becomes a challenge, owing to the dynamic and evolving online landscape. Businesses are presented with a vast data cloud, presenting new possibilities and difficulties.

Data verification services help you analyze customer behavior, spending patterns, build user persona, and demographic insights. When done right, you can accurately reach the target audiences with the right message. This transforms into higher conversion rates, improved customer relationships, and increased ROI.

Boost your marketing ROI with data verification services. Get a free quote today!

Stop Wasting Time On Dead Ends and Focus on Building Real Connections

With data verification services, you reach the right audience at the right time, thanks to valuable customer interaction and demographic data. Improve your customer information for more immersive and genuine marketing actions. Data-driven insights help you paint a clear picture of your target audience. You can boost targeted message interactions that reflect the customer’s individual needs.

Verified contact information will save your mail from junk mail since you address the client with accurate credentials. With data validation services, you can build real connections and real deals, maximizing ROI.

Experience Cutting-Edge Data Verification Services with Acelerar

1. Email Address Verification:
  • Leave no chance for bounced emails and failed marketing efforts. We scan your database for obsolete or inaccurate email addresses. Send your magnet lead to the right person, and stop worrying about the spam trap.

  • You can transform your drip marketing campaign by understanding the right intent of your customer base. Data verification services put things in place for you.
2. Tele Verification:
  • In the digital age, phone numbers are more than numbers. They are now connected to banks, payment gateways, apps, and government services, which increases the risk of phone numbers being compromised by bad actors.

  • Impersonation is also a big risk for both the affected person and businesses. This is why “Tele Verification” is critical to examine the authenticity of the user. We verify the user through SMS prompts and call verifications. Tele Verification is an important part of data verification and validation services.
3.Social Verification:
  • Our data verification and validation services scan the social media information of the user to verify their authenticity. This helps you get a complete picture of your contact. Social media profile is known for impersonation or fake accounts.

  • You can establish a credible customer profile by comparing the social media information.

Acelerar is a leading data verification and validation service provider. We, through the lens of our expertise, look for irregularities within massive datasets. We filter out the false and incomplete data points from corrupting your data sets. Our industry experience and exposure have helped us develop scalable and niche-specific data verification services.

Get Industry-Specific Data Cleaning! Get a free quote and see how we can transform your massive datasets.

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