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What are data cleansing services

What are Data Cleansing Services?

B2B database decays. Can you trust your old data for business intelligence and marketing plans?

The answer is a big resounding ‘No’.

Data Cleansing Services

If you have come across any of these complaints or something similar, you need data cleansing services:

  • The company was sold
  • The wrong phone number
  • The email address doesn’t exist
  • The manager has left the company

As the business world is changing rapidly, B2B databases decay. Companies shift from one location to other, managers change companies, and companies are sold and bought. There are many reasons that contribute to data decay.

The bottom line is you need data cleansing services if you want your data to be dependable.

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Importance of data cleansing services

Why data cleansing services are important

Needless to say, most businesses spend whopping budgets on sales and marketing campaigns. If your database is not clean, you will be spending a great deal of money on dead information.

As a marketer, you cannot afford it. Every dollar you spend on sales and marketing campaigns should yield an optimal ROI. And this can only be achieved if your data is accurate, clean, correct, complete and consistent. Here are some top benefits of data cleansing services:

Clean, accurate data increases customer acquisition efficiency

If your data is clean, accurate, complete, you will have a more efficient list of prospects. And clean, accurate data ensures that your emails and letters will reach the right inboxes. This will increase customer acquisition efficiency.

Data cleansing improves the decision making process

If you have accurate data at your disposal, you can make business decisions quickly. The B2B market grows quickly. You can have the correct address and phone numbers of an organization, but their sizes grow. You can make the right decisions only when you have correct data. So data cleansing services improve decision making process.

Clean, accurate data streamlines business practices

By eliminating duplicate data from your database, you can streamline business practices. What’s more, data cleansing along with proper analytics can help you find new business opportunities.

Clean, accurate data increases productivity

If the data is clean, accurate, and consistent, your employees can make quick, right decisions. Data cleansing services also ensure that your employees access correct information, which eliminates the risk of any fraud.

Data cleansing increases revenue

Accurate, clean data improves response rate drastically;thereby, increases revenues. Also, when you have correct data, the ROI of your sales and marketing campaigns increases.

Why Acelerar for data cleansing outsourcing

We are one of the leading company for data cleansing services in India. We have a team of skilled data cleansing experts who have a long experience in various aspects of data cleansing services. Our data cleansing experts check the given data for accuracy, validity, consistency, and completeness.

As a leading company in the data cleansing services, we offer a full suite of data cleansing services. This includes: import data, merge data, standardize data, de-duplicate data, export data, verify and enrich data, normalize data.

We, at Acelerar, believe in offering high-quality data services that will increase customer acquisition rate, improve decision process, streamline business practices, increase revenues, and improves ROI of marketing campaigns.

Remember clean, accurate data is the cornerstone of your business success. With a leading data cleansing company, such as Acelerar, you will get reliable, accurate, and clean data.

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Frequently Asked Questions of Data Cleansing Services

As the name signifies, data cleansing is about cleaning the data and improving its quality to maximize the output.

Data cleaning allows you to get rid of the incorrect and incomplete data to enhance the value of your database. The more accurate and correct the data is, the more productive it will be.

Our data cleaning experts work by finding out the incorrect and incomplete data in order to correct and complete it. Furthermore, to complete the data correctly, first, they validate it either manually or using tools and then they update it.

No, not at all. All our data cleansing experts are professionals and understand well the importance of data security. We ensure our customers’ extreme safety and security to their data with no scope of data leakage.

Not at all, we make it feasible for the customer to avail the data cleansing services at affordable pricing. Thus, you can avail the services at a meagre cost of $5-$10 per hour.


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