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10 Most Effective Email List Building Strategies for Amazing Email Listing



How your email marketing campaign would be a great success if your email addresses are wrong? Have you ever give it a thought?
This is the biggest reason why email list building services are prevailing in the market.
Let’s start it from the scratch: Sometimes it is better to have NOTHING than SOMETHING. Yes, this is absolutely true. You might agree with the fact that the way to “ULTIMATE SUCCESS” is the “RIGHT APPROACH.”
And you know what:
Anything wrong in the approach can turn to be a game-changer for your success graph.
Most importantly, this is about the data you are using.
How? This is a very basic one you might be familiar with- Marketing has become a requisite for every kind of business irrespective of the size.
Now it is up to you what kind of marketing techniques you want to go for as per the business goal.
But I Must Say to Add to Your knowledge: Email marketing has turned out to be the high- impacting and cost-effective method to connect with your audience and deliver them a relevant message. But this is only possible when you own an amazing email list.
And probably you would have heard-how would you end well if you do not start well.
You know what: The success of your email marketing campaign depends on your email list to a great extent.
So if you have the email list running out of email addresses, consist errors, incorrect addresses, etc. then you will feel like just spinning your wheel.
In return hardly you will get the outcome as envisaged. If you are also the one struggling hard to achieve the ultimate success out of your email marketing… …then surely you need to work upon your “email list building strategies.” Now, this is the high time to gander some list building strategies that can help in building a highly productive email list.

Encourage Users to Submit Email Address Out of Willingness

Yes, it not simply about acquiring the emails addresses. Here we are talking about the email addresses that can be productive. For this, just grabbing the email addresses anyhow is not the way to intrigue the users. Right? This is because you can fool anyone just once but later if users will feel deceived, they may back out. And I guess. This is not the way to bring out productivity through email marketing. Hence, it is better to make use of pop-ups to appeal to the users to subscribe to the newsletters. To get more subscribers, “you can target the PAIN POINTS of the customers.” This will help to grab the email addresses out of interest and willingness. The best part is, you can entice the users blending the latest content updates. Not only the users will develop an interest in your content but also the email bounce will go down. Isn’t it interesting? Personalized CTA to Boost Your Email Subscribers When you visit somewhere and get personal attention from the organized… …how do you feel? Or if you get the same treatment that all others are getting… …then I am sure the feeling will be different. Yes, this is the power of personalization. According to a Hubspot study, “It has been observed that personalized CTA have high view rate in comparison to conventional CTA.” Thus, you need to accommodate your users with the personalized call-to-action whenever they visit your blogs or landing page. A user looking forward to read your blog means he is looking for something specific in. And if some addition information related to the blog is provided complimentary along with a personalized CTA then surely it will attract more subscribers. Furthermore, you can also offer something beneficial from the users’ point of view. This way you can refine your business email list with quality email addresses.

Make Use of Social Media

Your subscribers can be limited but your social network may be not. Don’t you think your vast network can also help you to add massive subscriber to your business email lists? Of course, yes. How extensive your reach is- has a great impact on your email list building. Using social media fan base like Twitter followers, LinkedIn contacts, Facebook friends- Just promote your blogs and newsletters. The more people you reach, the more will be the add-ons in your email list. People in your network are not new, they are the familiar ones. But whether your newsletter are reaching them or not- this is something to think about. Once your email newsletters reach the new users, probably you might have many loyal and firm connection in your email list. Social Proofs to Win the Users’ Confidence Hey! You know what: Sometimes proof works faster than anything. You just need to give a strong reason to the users and you can easily boost your subscribers while email list building. Everyone needs a reason to get convinced or to trust. I guess even you and I get easily persuaded when some proof is lying just in front of our eyes. So, without leaving much scope to think about- ENTICE the users presenting the numbers of subscribers you have. Wait, wait, wait are you worried due to unpresentable numbers of subscribers. No worries, you can still make the WAY. Present the TESTIMONIALS. And here one thing is for sure you do not need to present thousands of testimonial to win the hearts of the users. Even a single testimonial will work like magic.

Turn Commenters into Subscribers

How good it would be if you have the feasibility to turn your commenters into subscribers? Sounds interesting? Yes, this is possible but only if you want. You only need to be ready with the setup. When someone checks in and leaves a comment, automatically you will have the commenters added in your email list. And you know what the best part is: These kind of subscribers are loyal ones. Because if they are willing to comment, it signifies somewhere they enjoyed and have something to share. You simply need to poke them a little and you will have them added in your business email lists. This is another method you can try as an email list building strategy.

Consistency in Publishing Quality Content

Maybe you are not familiar with what I am going to tell you now… …but yes, this works really well. It’s CONSISTENCY in content publishing. No doubt most of the people think, it is about the quantity. But it is nothing like that- somewhere consistency along with the quality is the utmost priority. I am not saying, consistency means publishing a post on a daily basis. Even if you are publishing a post on a weekly basis it will work. But do not break your consistency. This will help you to keep the users intact and prevent them from going to any other website to acquire the information. Also, such kind of content is liable to get more recommendations. No user wants to have to wait for so long to get valuable information. Once they start liking your content then surely they will wait eagerly to consume another. The best part is: In very little time you will be able to encounter positive results with your list building.

Take the Help of Webinars

There is nothing wrong to say that Webinars are so much in trend in the concern of email address listing. Adding to your knowledge, webinars itself has become an effective strategy to augment the business emails list. And why not? Quality always succeeds to attract the massive crowd. After all, webinars are effective ways to deliver value to the audience. The best part of using webinars is: It is the direct gateway to increase the members in your email list. People who are really interested to attend the webinars have to sign up to your email list to attend it. This is the main reason why webinars are so powerful when it comes to accumulating email addresses. Hardly a webinar runs for 60 minutes but it is really worth.

Encourage Your Subscribers with Some Incentives

Now it’s time to make your subscribers work for you. Yes, this is also an email list building strategy to get more subscribers. Have you ever noticed what makes someone work? Children are generally tempted by the chocolates, employees are tempted by handsome salaries… …and many more examples are there to quote. In the same way, you need to tempt your subscribers by some attractive offers and incentives… … To encourage them to invite their family and friends. No matter how good a newsletter or promotion is, people do not want to take the pain and recommend it to the relatives until… Something that is not benefitting them personally. Hence, offer some discount or incentive to the users for getting the relatives, friends, etc. join the email list. And here is the deal: I am sure this way each new user will contribute to getting some more new subscribers added in your email list.

Make Email Addresses Compulsory During Checkout

If you are dealing in the product then definitely you have a plus factor to attract the email subscribers. Are you an owner of an e-commerce business? Then definitely this is for you… Even if there are thousands of websites lying selling the same product but if a customer is buying from your website… …then surely there must be a strong reason. It can be the pricing, quality, trustworthiness, previous experience, the recommendation from friends, etc. This means a customer is somewhere impressed to some extent. This is the advantage you can avail to get the subscribers. During checkout, you can ask them for the email addresses. Chances are really high that they would be interested in knowing more from you about the deals and discounts for future transactions. Also, you can quote them some benefits for submitting the email address and what all they will be missing. Consequently, the customer will subscribe the email address without giving a second thought.

Make Use of Sticky Bars on Your All Pages

Have you heard the term “sticky bar” for the first time? No worries… If this is something new to you, I am sure you are not familiar with its importance also. It can do wonders in the concern of email list building. Sticky bars are so much similar to the sidebars… …But they appear on the top of the page. Even if you are scrolling the page the sticky bar remains at the same place. Sticky bars grab the immediate attention of the users being placed on the top. If you are thinking it might annoy the users… …Then it is a big NO. They are not at all interrupting and won’t hamper the user experience on a particular page. Stick bars simply asks for an email address if someone wants to sign up for emails. If interested, just by signing up users can get the newsletter dropped directly in their mailbox.

Most importantly:

You will have a big help in your email address listing.

Final Thoughts:

There are enormous ways to accommodate the email list building. What matters is- some are right and some are wrong. Email addresses collected using the wrong ways hardly brings any productivity to your business. But yes, when email addresses are collected using the right and fair approach it will definitely benefit the business. From the desk of experts, we have compiled a list of innovative email list building strategies that will aid you to have an amazing email address listing. Just go through the above-mentioned strategies and see the difference in your overall business growth. Have you ever noticed any difference in your business using effective email list building techniques? If yes do share with us.

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