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A Definitive Guide on Product Data Migration Services



Have you ever heard about product data migration services?

Ok, let’s consider a real experience to understand the role these services
I planned and relocated to some other city in search of some better opportunities and secure future.

In addition, I shifted my venture too with the hope of a better outcome.
In this whole process, I realized one thing…

Moving to another place is a really tedious task.
It was all really a big hassle that I faced while moving the household and official belongings.

Packing every item considering the fragility is extremely bothersome.
I hope you can relate if you have ever relocated.

But there is one thing that you do not know for sure:
Even online business owner also do feel the same hassle.

Yes, you read it correctly…

You might agree:
When a person gets something better than the previous one, they prefer to opt for the new one.
This happens in case of e-commerce platform too.
“If the new platform is BETTER than the previous one in terms of features, pricing, etc. then…
It is obvious that people will move towards a better option.”

But what about the SEO value of the website that may be ruined after transferring the URLs of the category and product pages?
And what about the stored data, products, SKUs, description, price, etc.

You know what:
You can easily get all your data migrated from one platform to another without any hassle.

With the help of product data migration services.
This is just the beginning… are you not eager to know what else is there about the data migration services.
Just check it out!

Why E-Commerce Business Owners Migrate Their Data?

If you are thinking that it is just out of interest then you are totally off base.

Because mainly it is to IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY and MANAGE online business operations efficiently.

As time passes, you will notice the e-commerce platforms keep on evolving and get enriched with new features.

“And this will obviously attract the online store owners to experience an e-commerce platform of superior quality.”

This is the main reason why people prefer to upgrade their existing e-commerce platform.

What Are The Biggest Concerns While Product Data Migration?

Loss of Data

You might have observed:
When you shift from one place to another, sometimes you lose your valuable belongings in the hustle-bustle of shifting.

And it really feels disheartening…
Similarly, owners of the online venture have the same feeling.

Even though they want to upgrade their existing platform but still, most of the time store owners just back off.

“Due to the fear of losing their data.”
They think that their data will not be the same as it was.

A Decrease in Product Sales

When a physical store is closed due to some festival or any other circumstance then obviously the sales of the product is affected.

In the same way, the longer will be the time to migrate the data, the more it will affect product sales.

But every time this is not necessary that sales will be affected.

If you will get in touch with a reputed company which delivers amazing product data migration services… Then it is not a big deal.
Because here the biggest factor is TIME.
If less time is taken, there will be hardly any loss to your online venture.

Degradation of SEO Value:

Suppose you ornate your house with a beautiful interior and acquire the best look.

But when you migrate to another place, it seems that the whole interior will be ruined.

In the case of e-commerce website also, owners are worried about their SEO VALUE.

They also carry a thought that the migration of data will destroy the SEO value of their website.

“Such thoughts restrict them to try some new and effective e-commerce platforms which may change the whole picture of their sales figures.”
Furthermore, they are worried about the stored data, images, addresses, etc. thinking that all will be lost.

You know what:
If you are running an e-commerce venture and want to get rid of all such concerns then also there is an effective way out.

It is experts help who are experienced enough to migrate the product data.
Not only all your concerns will be solved but you can set to run your online store in a constructive manner.

Let’s have a look at how Product data migration services can be helpful.

Better Performance

This is the biggest reason that can drive anyone towards change.

Let’s take an example:
You are already using a good phone that is not so old.
Its working is fine, the camera is good and even if there are no lags in performance.
But still, people prefer to buy new smartphones and wait eagerly for their launch.

Why is it so?
Because people love to stay UPDATED with the operating system, efficiency and ultimately the outstanding performance.
Such kind of enticing features makes it really tough to resist whether it is a smartphone or an e-commerce platform.
This makes the owner of e-commerce venture run after the new platforms with the

“Consequently, their e-commerce stores become more manageable than before and run smoothly even with an extensive range of products.”

But this is possible only when data migration is done effectively.
Thus, bringing the data migration services into the limelight.

With the assistance of Product data migration services providers, you can easily revamp your e-commerce store without losing any of your important data.

Transfer and Refining Of the Images

This is another area which needs expertise while transferring the data.
Ok, just think for a while…

What is the most important part of an e-commerce business?
It is the IMAGES.
Whatever the platform you are using to run your e-commerce business; if the images are not clear enough it will impact the USERS’ EXPERIENCE
…and of course, the sales also.

I am sure you would never love to lose customers, especially when you are switching the platform to pull more customers.

“To resolve this concern productively, you can take the help of product data migration services.”
They are the masters of their realm and being experienced in handling the data migration tasks they can help you with the best.
Even if you want your existing images to be REFINED OR ENHANCED, they are equipped to do this also.

Access to Experts of All Kinds of Platforms

What would you do if you have any issue with your ear, teeth or something related to bones?

Surely you will consult an ENT specialist for ears, a dentist for teeth and an orthopaedist for bones related issues.

But you have to bear the hassle of travelling to visit the doctors of different domains.
This will make the whole process hectic and tiresome.

In the same way, when it comes to e-commerce outlet there are various types of shopping platforms.
The list includes- Yahoo Stores, Magento, X-Cart, Amazon Product Listing, 3dCart, Volusion, eBay Product Listing, Bigcommerce, CRE Loaded, Shopify, and many more!
It is totally up to you that which platform you like or want to opt for the growth of your business.
But don’t you think it will be a little difficult for you to find some expert to deal with a specific platform?

Yes, it will be…
“To get rid of this situation you can seek the help of product data migration services providers.”
Being in this profession for many years, they hold EXPERTISE and can work comfortably with all types of platforms.

Thus, there is no need to invest time finding experts as they are just at your doorstep.

To Keep The SEO Value Intact

You will surely agree that the effectiveness of SEO has taken the world by storm.
Every business owner understands the value of SEO to rank in the search engines.

Thus, make tremendous efforts to improve their e-commerce website ranking and build a strong customer base.
But what will be your next step if you want to migrate the product data?

And what about the SEO value?
Don’t worry, you do not have to deal with such concern if you have skilled resources to migrate the product data.

You can easily get the URLs of your category and product pages transferred without losing the SEO value of your website.
Furthermore, they can help you with transferring even crucial data like customer information, SKUs, descriptions, order status, billing status, etc.

And I guess nothing can be better than this if you can keep every information INTACT.

Tools for E-Commerce Data Migration

In case you are not convinced to comprehend the experts’ help, you can migrate your data with the help of certain tools:
This includes:

  • Lit Extension
  • Transporter App
  • Migration Pro
  • Uber Theme
  • Cart2Cart App
  • Prof Projects

Hey! It is not necessary that the technology you are using currently is so much in trends and can aid with high efficiency.
As time flies, everything gets OLD.
So if you want to improve the SCALABILITY of your e-commerce firm and USERS’ EXPERIENCE too, then you need to upgrade your e-commerce platforms too.


Product data migration services can turn out to be a productive decision but only when your experts help you.
Else, the consequences can be severe and it may impact your product sales also.

This is the reason why expert knowledge is required in every sphere.
No doubt, most of the time people are sceptical and have severe concerns before migrating their data.

Thus, not taking the decisions due to some fears will never let you try the platforms that are more efficient and advanced.

Eventually, by availing the product data migration services from a reputed company can work to resolve every concern with ease.

Data migration services do make a difference in the business that’s why people avail them.

Still, there are many more aspects that you aren’t aware of.

Just check out the above post and enrich your knowledge.

Share your thoughts about how data migration services helped your e-commerce business to thrive? We would love to hear that…

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