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How Professional Content Writing Services can Help Your Business Grow



What is the one element that makes your visitor come back to your site for more?

It’s Content.
Compelling value-added content that readers love.
All other components of the website like design, visuals, videos etc play a secondary role.

For instance, if you have effective taglines, good design will only enhance its effectiveness but design in itself won’t sell.
There was a time when businesses used to treat website as just a medium to display contact information and showcase products/services. Today website has become a medium to communicate with the audience.

Interesting content on the website serves to bring your brand to life.
Aware of the importance of high-quality, unique content, businesses today are looking to hire professional writers to entice their audience with words.

What exactly is professional content writing?
Content writers have existed since decades but the role has gained prominence globally over the last few years.

Ever wondered why?
Because of the rise and growth of internet as a weapon to grow and expand business reach. Businesses big and small now use online marketing techniques to gain exposure.

With increasing competition online, digital marketing alone is not enough. Businesses have to find a way to outshine their competition on Google.
How do you do that?

Through interesting value-added content that understands both the audience’ minds as well as how the internet’s big daddy a.k.a Google works!
And that isn’t something that a regular writer can do.
Enter professional content writing services or professional copywriters.

A professional content writer understands Google
It’s simply isn’t enough to write good content. It’s important to be able to optimize it according to Google’s search engine marketing techniques so as to boost rankings and grow traffic. A professional writer would know how to use keywords so as to boost ranking and increase sales.

Google values content that informs and convert customers at the same time. A professional content writer understands how online audience perceives things and therefore can deliver what it takes to entice and finally convince him about a product/service.

They also have idea about different forms of content online namely blogs, web content, product description, press release, social media content etc and how the audience interact with each.

Save Time and Money
Outsourcing your content writing needs to a professional helps you save time and money. A professional writer knows his/her job, has expertise in writing for various businesses and therefore will be able to deliver the work in shorter span of time as compared to an inexperienced writer who can just write content.

Moreover professional writers are not very expensive either. They can be hired as freelancers on per word or assignment basis or through an agency or an outsourcing company for a fixed fee. This is comparatively cheaper; you get more quality work done in less time for an affordable amount! There is no supervision required and work required minimal edits.

Good Content with Effective Marketing Strategy Increases Traffic and Leads
A good writer will create interesting content keeping SEM parameters in mind. But how good would that piece of content be if it does not reach the right audience? That’s where the role of a marketer comes in. A good SEO-friendly content when marketed well can bring great results. It results in increased visibility which means more traffic and eventually more leads.

Increases Brand Value
High-value, unique content establishes you as an expert in your domain. People begin to regard your brand as an authority and will come to you for more information. This will increase your brand value as well as enhance the trust and credibility of your brand not just in the minds of the audience but Google too.

Sharing your unique perspective or insight on a particular topic will inform and educate the reader which means they’ll be likely to share it with their friends and fellow mates. Social mentions are a powerful indicator of brand value.

Professional Content Writing Helps Your Website Rank Higher
We’ve already discussed above that good content helps increase website traffic and leads. Consistent increase in traffic and leads over a period of time will eventually lead to higher search rankings.

Also interesting, informative content means readers will love to share it. This will result in an increase in social mentions and eventually links. This also impacts search rankings. Therefore professional content is a multi-pronged approach to building your online presence and growing your business.

Earn External Links
What is meant by external links? They’re basically links on other websites that point to your content. If a piece of content or blog contains a URL that links to some content on your site, it essentially means that the other site regards your content as informative and valuable and has therefore cited it as a reference.

Of course there are ways to earn such links and link building is a different subject in SEO altogether but we’ll not get into that here as it is beyond the purview of this blog but it’ll suffice to say that good content helps you gain external links which in turn boosts your online presence. Google views this as a vote of confidence, and higher such votes of confidence higher will be your website authority and SERP rankings.

Makes Social Sharing Possible
These days all brands and businesses have a social media presence. Almost every business has a profile on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram. These mediums have easier to share good valuable bite-sized content which online audience can easily consume.

You can share images, videos, blogs etc with a link to the original page. This will again have a two-way benefit – widespread distribution of content and social traffic!
And last but not the least…

Content is Foundation on which the Pillar of Digital Marketing Rests
You’ve probably heard Keywords reign supreme in digital marketing. That’s right but where do you use those keywords. Well…where else but content!

Be it blogs, forum posting, guest blogging, web content, landing page, ad copy etc, you use keywords everywhere and that’s what makes your content rank on search engines!

Content therefore is what drives digital marketing or pretty much everything that is online these days.

Without content, marketing is futile. Marketing and Content writing cannot exist in isolation. They need to co-exist in synergy for a business strategy to succeed.
Let’s illustrate this point further.

Content writers can help you with exceptional content. But it’s the marketers who come with ideas for exceptional content. Content writers only work as per instruction of the marketers.

It’s the duty of the marketers to take record of customer queries and concerns and then plan to create content around it. You give the audience what they are looking for and they’ll love you for it! It’s that simple!

The Value…
This brings us back to our original subject. Good content is what sets your website apart from the masses and delivers the right message to the audience. In the words of Seth Godin: “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell”.

Realizing the importance of good content, companies these days are looking to hire professional content writers to write effective copies for their website. Professional content is one written for marketing purposes, with the intent to sell.

Recognizing the huge potential, many outsourcing companies have started offering professional content writing services to help brands and businesses grow. When you opt for services through a good company you can be sure of working with highly-qualified experienced writers to meet your content writing needs across multiple media.

Professional Content Writing Services from Acelerar Technologies
When you opt for content writing services with Acelerar Technologies, a team skilled copywriters is a given! From writing articles for blogs, web content to technical documentation needs, Acelerar has got you covered. A one- stop shop for all your content writing needs. After all, as they say ‘Content is King’.

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