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Workforce Substitution Creates Downward Slope



Exit interview is defined to be an interrogation survey so as to understand key reasons associated with workforce turnover in an organization. In the context of employee turnover being a reason to drain budgetary capacity of an organization, an exit interview outsourcing is sought to evade such an issue. So to say, it is conducted to create downward slope or reducing in the number of workforce turnover.

However, under certain circumstances which are unavoidable, labor turnover results in decreasing performance level of workforce.

Unfortunately, when employee turnover befalls workforce substitution takes place which apparently leads to expensive recruitment process for an organization.
This article explores how workforce substitution or workforce replacement in the event of employee turnover creates a downward slope or reduces employee productivity rate.

First of all, any recruitment process, no matter how time-consuming and expensive, has its own systematic way of selecting best talent resource. However, when recruitment process starts, the current workforce ecosystem within the organization doesn’t get the benefit of efficient workers until the ongoing recruitment process is over.

If the ongoing hiring process fails to handpick better workforce as demanded, it will have its negative effect upon the entire workforce ecosystem. For sure, it will reduce performance level in employees which will hurt the organization in the long run. This will essentially result in ineffectiveness of the team as a whole, as the undergoing projects can’t successfully be completed owning to lack of requisite employees.

Workforce substitution is the next-to-be-taken HR process after increasing rates of employee turnover. However, the inception of employee turnover costs temporary difficulty in maintaining workforce performance given that huge departure of efficient employees leaves the void that is hard to be filled up soon.

Even though a company takes a careful hiring procedure to fill the void, the incoming workers require necessary time durations to adept to the working culture.

Meanwhile, the void remains unfilled causing decreasing performance on a business of a company.
In addition, if the turnover is unavoidable, there is always growing fear for the outcome of workforce inefficiency. Exit interview outsourcing brings in desirable performance efficiency by helping an organization retain its best talent.

What is an Unavoidable Turnover?

When an employee is forced to leave a company due to resignation for non-performance or lay off, the situation is referred to as “unavoidable turnover” as the departing employees have fat chance to be hired again. The other aspect of unavoidable turnover is associated when an employee leaves a company and can’t be persuaded to rejoin. This mostly happens when the departing employees get an external job offer, too important not to be rejected.

Either case renders workforce deficiency or an atmosphere of non-performance which eventually affects business growth of a company.

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