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What is eCommerce Product Data Matching?

Product data matching is the process of classifying product data through enrichment and standardization. In eCommerce, product data matching ensures that all products are classified, labeled, and searchable by the customers. This involves bringing attributes such as product names, descriptions, categories, brands, and prices together to ensure that products based on similarity and size are pooled together.

Product data matching services are widely used by online retailers, manufacturers, and businesses with large inventories. eCommerce product data matching services play a vital role in organizing and optimizing product catalogs.

These services are focused on identifying and grouping similar products within a dataset to ensure a consistent and user-friendly shopping experience. Apart from easing customer access, product matching also helps with pricing intelligence, as it allows you to create a single product view of listings.

The Process of eCommerce Product Data Matching

The product data matching services entail 6 crucial steps. These steps cover the top-to-bottom effort that goes into the perfect product data-matching exercise.

Step 1: Data Evaluation and Report Creation
The first step is the Identification of data and setting thresholds for operation. The operation begins by collecting and curating relevant data from the listings and the verification from multiple sources to determine data sets that need to be matched, standardized, and re-entered.

Step 2: Attribution and Standardization
The data is then passed through the basic product attribute standardization. In this step, data is broken down and isolated to chip out unique product attributions.

Step 3: Context Setting and Analysis
The scattered data is now structured through the use of AI/ML algorithms and especially designed tools. This allows us to evaluate product use cases, and create a base for better processes.

Step 4: Catalog Categorization
Once the context is set and the product data is matched, the matching services identify, classify, and categorize the information at hand to create product taxonomy and hierarchy.

Step 5: Data Matching
The product matching is now identified with a clean, classified, and standardized data set. The product data is compared through a wide range of algorithms that identify identical, similar, results to avoid false positives.

Step 6: Price Comparison
The final step of the process is to create product-matching eCommerce listings through price comparison charts. This is done by monitoring price fluctuations across the board and building a suitable pricing strategy.

eCommerce Product Data Matching Services At Acelelar

At Acelelar, we strive to offer comprehensive support by providing a diverse range of affordable eCommerce product data-matching services. Our dedicated catalog management teams thoroughly analyze your entire product database and comb through the issues with superior data automation services.

Here is our catalog of services:

  • Data Enrichment: Missing information is added to product data to improve discoverability and overall appeal.
  • Duplication treatment: Advanced algorithms eliminate duplicate product entries for a smoother browsing experience.
  • Attribute Standardization: Product attributes are standardized to facilitate informed purchasing decisions.
  • Taxonomy & Categorization: Products are correctly categorized and organized to ensure effortless product navigation.
  • Quality Assurance: Data accuracy is checked and information is weeded out from all levels of product placement.

We remove duplicates, standardize attributes, enrich data, optimize categorization, and perform quality assurance to enhance the customer experience, improve product clarity, increase discoverability, and ensure data accuracy.

Enabling Price Comparison With eCommerce Product Data Matching Services

Product data matching is a result of various processes and is accomplished through manual sorting, machine learning, and AI-powered automation. The goal of this service is the curation of search results and a sharp focus on minimizing false positives through cutting-edge precision.

  • Product matching at Stock Keeping Units level
  • Compliance with local and international trade regulations
  • Skimmable descriptions prepared by data experts
  • Expert mapping and aligning of product data
  • Responsible data gathering from competitors
  • Tracking and analyzing price fluctuations in real-time

The process includes performing a thorough competitive study on various eCommerce platforms to produce better data insights, significant price comparison, data monitoring, and remote management.

Risk of False Positives With eCommerce Product Matching

False positives are common while performing product matching exercises on eCommerce sites. Two types of false positives can occur while matching data:

  • Mistaken pooling of similar products as identical products
  • Mistaken ignoring of identical products while matching

The goal of expert matching services is to minimize false positives. The product matching services employ automated systems that work in tandem that ensure real accuracy despite a flood of identical-looking and similar-seeming products. In such cases, every detail must be checked and not a single line can be chucked.

Commonly, missed matches occur when sellers rely solely on search engines like Google or Bing to find similar products online. These search engines may not display all available matches for a specific product. To address this issue, our eCommerce product data matching services extensively cover competitor websites to gauge the full temperature of the situation.

Benefits of eCommerce Product Data Matching Services

Implementing product data matching in your eCommerce brand can offer several benefits. Here are some reasons why your eCommerce brand could benefit from product data matching:

Data Accuracy:
Product data matching ensures that your product information is accurate and consistent across different platforms or marketplaces. This helps in eliminating duplicates and enhances the reliability of your product catalog.

Improved Customer Experience:
Accurate and standardized product information leads to an improved customer experience. Customers can easily find the products they are looking for, compare options, and make informed purchasing decisions, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

Searchability and Discoverability:
Data matching improves searchability and discoverability by placing consistent attributes, complete descriptions, and relevant keywords on products.

Efficient Inventory Management:
Product data matching services eliminate duplicate product entries and optimizes inventory management processes. This helps in preventing stockouts and ensures accurate tracking of available products and stock levels.

Price Comparison:
Matching product data enables you to conduct accurate price comparisons with competitors. This information helps you in being true to your customer, setting competitive prices, making data-driven pricing decisions, and staying competitive in the market.

Streamlined Operations:
Implementing eCommerce product data matching streamlines your internal operations by providing a standardized and consolidated product catalog. This reduces manual errors, simplifies product management tasks, and enhances operational efficiency.

eCommerce product data matching services with Acelelar

Designing a functional website and providing accurate content to ensure a great shopping experience for your customers are integral steps of an eCommerce store. But this is only the beginning of the effort. As businesses expand, it becomes crucial to handle your growing product database and maintain its accuracy and quality.

At Acelerar, we offer eCommerce product data matching services that help optimize your online store’s product data with utmost precision.

As eCommerce stores grow, product data expands to unfathomable levels. Our data matching specialists diligently examine your online catalogs to remove redundant and duplicate information. We identify similar products within your database that may have variations and consolidate them to eliminate confusion for your customers.

To ensure your master product list is effective and accurate, we match your products across various eCommerce catalogs, and meticulously cleanse, de-duplicate, and standardize them.

At Acelerar, we understand the importance of maintaining a high-quality product database, and our services aim to streamline your catalog process while prioritizing the authenticity and accuracy of your product data.

As a seller on the biggest online marketplace, your main objective is to increase the sales of your products. To do so, you need to source high- quality products, plan and execute aggressive marketing strategies. You also require keeping an eye on your competitors.

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eCommerce product data matching is the process of aligning product data from various sources to connect similar or identical products. The process entails a clear analysis of attributes, descriptions, and data points to eliminate duplicates, find product matches, and minimize false positives.

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