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160 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Take Off Your Plate



You’ve heard about virtual assistants in the past and may even have some experience using one, but still feel a little hesitant to delegate parts of your business to someone you’ve never met.

Sound familiar?
If this is your thought process, you aren’t alone. The idea of hiring a virtual assistant can feel strange at first, but what you’ll soon realize is that it’s all about selecting the right tasks for them to handle.

The Truth About Hiring Virtual Assistants

There are a lot of misconceptions in the marketplace surrounding the concept of virtual assistants and their role in assisting organizations. You’re probably familiar with at least a few of them, including the myths that virtual assistants are too expensive, unreliable, and produce low quality work.

The reason these misconceptions exist is that businesses often hire virtual assistants, spend zero minutes training them as per their organisation’s philosophy and then end up being disappointed and confused when things don’t work out.

The issue here isn’t necessarily in the quality of the virtual assistants they’re using, but rather in the task itself.

This example speaks to a larger topic that needs to be further unpacked. In order to maximize the value of virtual assistants, you need to understand which tasks are best optimized for outsourcing. Once you’re aware of this, you’ll suddenly see dozens of opportunities arise. You’ll start to look at virtual assistants through the appropriate lens and realize that they are incredibly useful when leveraged in the proper capacities.

Index of Task
1 Social media
2 Personal assistance
3 Ecommerce
4 Accounting services
5 Financial services
6 Book keeping services
7 Spreadsheet services
8 Audio and video editing
9 Email and chat support
10 Web design and development
11 Real estate
12 SEO and digital marketing
13 Administrative assistance
14 Data entry
15 Research work
16 Human resource
Social Media

Social media is something that businesses can’t live without in 2017, but it’s also a task that demands a ton of time and attention. You could spend hours of your time scheduling posts, interacting with followers, sharing content, and building your presence. But if you’re like most business owners, you simply don’t have enough hours in the day.

With a social media virtual assistant, you can maintain a robust social presence without having to ignore other tasks that are important to your business. When you hire the right virtual assistant, you get access to a skilled professional who is familiar with each of the major social media platforms and can work with your company to shape and manage a forward-thinking strategy.

“If you have a large social media following, having an assistant check for spam and delete and/or ban anything that gets out of hand at least when you’re on vacation can be a great help”, says Sylvie McCracken in her post on Tasks related to social media that they perform include

1. Carrying out an audit on company’s current social media profiles and analyse the traffic, shares and mentions
Virtual assistant for social media first checks the status of company on all of its existing social media platforms to find out how much traffic each one gets and the ones which are more utilised by the audience to share company’s content.

2. Creating social media profiles
They undertake the task of creating social media profiles on platforms such as google+, Linkedin, facebook, twitter, instagram, reddit etcetera.

3. Integrating social media links with the company website
Your social media pages will have your business official website address mentioned to channelise audience. Same with your website. It will have buttons directing the viewer straight to the social media pages.

4. Researching for suitable content to be shared on social media
Your social media feeds on lip-smacking content. A VA for social media researches content that can be shared with your audience

5. Designing and sharing social media content
They design content that is harmonious with your brand’s image in the market and share it on your various social media channels

6. Scheduling social posts with social media management tools
Timing is key when it comes to sharing social media content. They can schedule posts to be shared on appropriate time for maximum engagement through the use of social media management tools like Buffer, Hootsuite and Social Sprout.

7. Monitoring real-time audience engagement
They monitor your audience’s engagement through analysing traffic, likes and subscribes from all your platforms. It’s important because better content can be drafted next time.

8. Interacting with audience through replying to the the comments
Replying to your audience on their comments on your social media pages is essentially a 24/7 work. It helps in establishing trust with your future customers. You can delegate it to the VA handling your profiles and pages.

9. Closely monitoring and analysing your competitors’ campaigns.
It helps to learn from your competitors successful campaigns and applying some of the mantras in your own. Also, failures teach the things to be avoided. Your social media VA monitors your competition’s social campaigns.

10. Creating advertising campaigns for social media channels
From making facebook ads to twitter ad campaign, delegate this work to your social media VA.

11. Run various contests on social media as per the occasion.
On occasions like valentine’s day, christmas or about any other publically celebrated events have the potential to bring a step closer to your audience. Social media VA can take up the work of drafting different contests or activities for better engagement with your audience.

12. Regularly updating profiles
The offers, discounts, and photos on your business social profiles need regular updation to give your audience clarity. Your VA does this. Personal Assistance

Personal Assistance

13. Booking of accommodation and flights
Your personal VA handles making various bookings for you like hotels, flights, cabs and others

14. Managing your calendar and booking appointments
This means you no longer have to manage your appointments and meetings on your own. Your personal VA manages your calendar for you.

15. Making any personal purchases for you
It’s your anniversary but forgot to send flowers to the wife? Let your VA handle that for you. Or if the flowers are not enough, how about a diamond ring!

16. Sending invitations for functions/occasions
From creating the list of attendees as per your instructions to sending personalised invitations to all of them, your personal VA can do that.

17. Responding to customer queries through email or phone
Taking customer queries through phone and email is an important work but takes up a lot of time. Delegating this to your VA can free up your time.

18. Handling personal accounts and segregation of bills
For the purpose of accurate accounting, a personal VA can handle segregating your bills as per date and type of expense.

19. Sending over details requested by client
Your personal VA can respond to the clients by sending them any product details requested by them.

20. Noting down minutes from meeting’s duration and documenting them.
Again a chore, but essential for proper documentation of routines. Your personal VA handles this saving you the bucks otherwise spent on real-time secretaries.

21. Handling calls
VA handles your calls and screens out spam or random calls.

Content Writing

“Outsourcing your content is not something I suggest you do often. Especially if your brand is attached to it,” business consultant Chris Drucker says.“However, if you’re doing a lot of online marketing, especially if you’re involved with niche site creation and promotion, or even bigger, more authoritative sites, it pays to save time on creating all that written content, by teaming up with a good selection of virtual writers.”

In other words, there are times when it makes sense to hire a virtual content writer. Once you find the right one, you’ll feel an enormous burden lifted from your shoulders and can begin to shift your focus towards other core marketing tasks.
Jobs that a virtual assistant can undertake…

22. Creating articles for websites like Medium, linkedin
Posting on Medium is essential to add fuel to your content’s reach. And linkedin posts strengthen your brand positioning. Similarly, both of them also direct traffic to your website. Your content writer VA creates medium and linkedin posts for you

23. Writing blog posts for business website
Content marketing is the name of the game today. Your blog will fetch you incredible traffic if done right. And your content VA can help you get some quality content.

24. Creating guest posts for blogs
Guest posting is a way to get your name out there and to build some serious links. Your content VA creates guests posts

25. Writing case study after interacting with customers
Case studies are a marketing staple. It’s a tool through which you let your potential customer know how your product can be used instead of directly advertising it.
Interviewing your customers and then making case studies is undertaken by a content VA.

26. Writing a market report after interviewing industry sources and influencers
Market report contains information about overall market position and situation. A well developed market report puts you as an expert in that specific field. A content VA can draft up market report after interviewing industry influencers.

24. Creating How-To Guides for the business
How-to guides are customer support tools that are self serving in nature. And as per a survey, 73% people prefer solving their problem on their own instead of contacting customer service. A content VA creates How-To guides for your business.

28. Writing opposite-the-editorial content for newspapers or magazines
Op-ed again is a way to establish yourself as an influencer in your domain. But for a truly great op-ed, you should have a unique view and ability to articulately put it in words. A content VA helps you here.

29. Interacting with commentators on business website’s blog
Replying back to the comments on your business website blog makes the commentator feel valuable. But it has to be done quickly. So if you can’t be there to do so, let your content VA do it for you

30. Creating content for brochures
One of the main things about brochures is that information is very concise and catchy. That’s a talent not possessed by many. Designing brochures and creating content for it can be delegated to a content VA.

31. Writing white papers, ebooks and other similar content marketing material
White papers is a sales and marketing tool that is used to persuade a potential customer to know more about the product to finally buy it. You can delegate all your work related to writing such content marketing material including ebooks to your content VA.

32. Writing business letters and reports
Your content VA can write business letters for you to be sent among partnering companies, clients, suppliers etc.


33. Handling product research
It’s a continuous process that goes on throughout the production cycle. Pre-production research helps sought the product as per the requirements of the customers. A qualified VA handles that.

34. Writing compelling product descriptions
Your eCommerce VA can write catchy product descriptions that not only highlight the benefits of your product but present them in a non-boring way.

35. Editing the images of the products
Since your customer doesn’t have the liberty to physically check your product to feel what it is like, the best bet is through good quality images. An ecommerce VA can optimise the product images for faster loading and enhanced appeal.

36. Listing products on the website
Product listing is a tedious work that doesn’t really require any kind of skill.An entrepreneur can hand over their mundane work related to product listing to an ecommerce VA.

37. Updating and editing inventory online
Some items in your inventory run out of stock while some get discontinued. Whatever the case may be, the ecommerce VA handles that.

38. Processing orders

39. Assisting in returns and exchanges

40. Handling customer service via live chat and email
With an ecommerce VA, handling customer queries become easy and effortless. Operations like live chats and emails can be delegated to them.

41. Managing suppliers and accounts receivables
Being present online or on call while dealing with suppliers can be exhausting. Draining. Your ecommerce VA handles that.

42. Amazon competitor analysis and market research
Amazon web services offer tools and methods for competitor analysis. Your VA is adapted to work them out to offer you a clearer picture of the market and the competition.

Accounting Services

Accounting is a task that’s technical and time consuming. However, it also plays a very significant role in maintaining a well-balanced and organized company. By handing your company’s bookkeeping off to a virtual assistant, you can keep your organization up and running without having to busy yourself with administrative work.

43. Handles inventory management
If you don’t have an ecommerce based business but a real brick-and-mortar store or other such traditional business, your inventory is managed by the VA. They’ll let you know on time as to which product is no longer in stock, and the ones high in demand.

44. Auditing and updating existing accounting system
VA takes over your existing accounting system and audits it to find errors. If the system needs updation, he does so.

45. Implementing record keeping and accounting procedures
Most virtual assistants are adept with SEC, IAC, US GAAP, FASB, AICPA and other such regulations.

46. Budgeting
Making reserves or seeing whether the operations stick to the budget of the company. Virtual assistant handles such tasks.

47. Year end accounting
Books of accounts are to be managed at the end of the financial year of the business. Profit and loss accounts to be tallied, balance sheet updation etc are done by the VA

48. Projecting imminent cash flow
Since the VA can do tasks mentioned above, they can tell any near future windfall cash flow by analysing the cash flow statements.

Financial Services

49. Handling cash management
As per Wikipedia “cash management involves assessing market liquidity, cash flow, and investments”
In simple words, a qualified VA handles where the money is coming from, how it is being utilised in the business and keeping record of that.

50. Reconciling accounts
VA for financial services will be responsible for checking that the accounts have correct balances. He matches the debit and credit columns.

51. Managing revenue and expenditure
Revenue management is studying the market at a micro level and optimising the products’ availability and price as per that.
Expenditure management is the same as the name suggests. Budgeting, cutting unnecessary costs etc activities can be taken up by a financial VA.

52. Undertaking financial management
Although financial management in its true sense is an affair most suited to the top management, a financial VA can keep an eye as to whether the execution of the formulated policies is being done properly.

53. Managing sales and purchase orders
This tedious work demands lots of attention which a smart entrepreneur never wastes. But a VA does all the work related to collecting and documenting sales and purchase orders, and ensuring timely execution.

54. Developing business plan
Developing a business plan involves activities such as competitor analysis, writing the description of business, analysing financial factors, operations and distribution plan. These activities and other such are the broad strokes involved. A financial VA can help you out with this.

Book-Keeping Services

55. Bank and credit reconciliation
Keeping track of the debt, not limited to the company but of your credit cards too. An entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily have to waste time on that.

56. Balance sheet management
A well-qualified VA is adept to analyse the assets and liabilities on your balance sheet and work out risk-return tradeoffs and comply with the regulatory requirements.

57. Accounting data entry in Excel
Almost all VAs know excel. And accounting data entry is a task which has to be done but not necessarily by you.

58. Cash flow maintenance
Analysing the previous cash flow projections to find out their accuracy and to what extent, making projections for the future year or quarter by looking at the past trend and records. A VA does all that and more.

59. Maintaining trial balance
Tallying trial balance is no longer needed when it is digitally done now. However, it shows general ledger account balances before proposing adjustments.

60. Maintaining accounts on QuickBooks and PeachTree
Be it any platform Quickbooks or Peachtree that you use to manage your day-to-day accounting entries, VA takes the burden off of your shoulders.

61. Processing payrolls
Payrolls made by the HR department are to be processed. Coordinating with the banks to transfer employee salaries every month or bi-weekly is taken up by the VA

Spreadsheet Services

62. Creating various reports
Plethora of reports have to be made on a regular basis, from employee attendance to machine repair reports. The natural idea is to let the VA do all this.

63. Import, export and sorting of data
In an organisation, a set of well managed studyable data is necessary to make decisions.

64. Handling spreadsheet design and maintenance
Might sound laughable but many entrepreneurs can’t handle spreadsheet related work. Major part of the reason is that they are focused more on the revenue generation aspect of the business than data management aspect.

65. Including charts and graphics
Audio and Video Editing

66. Elementary video editing work like blending intros and outros
Intros and outros carry your brand name and logo. It’s the job of your A/V VA to put them before and after the main video for greater brand association in the minds of people.

67. Putting graphics and music together
Blending music or background sound in the graphics prepares the video to be put before public with greater effect.

68. Uploading files to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo etcetera
Video posting on your youtube, vimeo and other channels is done by the a/v VA. Deleting old or irrelevant graphic content is also handled by him.

69. Background noise removal from audio tracks and enhancing volume quality
This sort of work requires a technical bend of mind and unless you have that, better let a VA do this job for you. very well explains the use of free tools to clear up a/v files.

70. Trimming footage segments
Removing the shaky or blurred part of the footage to make the video more impressive is the work of an a/v VA.

71. Editing and uploading of podcasts or offline webinar
Webinars and podcasts are not supposed to go online without proper editing work. The bloopers and background noise gets cut out and the video is uploaded by the VA.
Email and Chat Support

72. Analysing complaints
Virtual Assistant take up analysing complaints to find the common issue, if any, to be rectified for better customer service.

73. Replying to queries within stipulated timeline
A business query can be anything, from an unsatisfied customer to a potential customer. Mostly it’s the latter. If such queries are not replied back on time, the business suffers.

74. Updating knowledge base for new, possible queries
When it comes to product improvement aspect of the business, seasoned entrepreneurs look into customer queries. Queries is a source of knowledge in that sense, providing ideas to add or remove features from the product.

75. Resolving escalated cases
Cases regarding customers’ complaints that have escalated are worked upon by the VA. The case is moved up if top management’s intervention is required say for instance in case of paying massive compensation to the victim party.

76. Forwarding queries for resolution to the concerned department
In extension to the previous point, the virtual assistant handling emails and chat support also forwards department specific queries to the concerned departments. Say for example, a resume received will be forwarded to the HR department

77. Registering new customers

78. Recording complaints
Complaints are recorded as a measure to improve the product or a part of operations. VA records all the complaints so as to be studied later.

79. Responding to inbound emails

80.Handling Web chat
According to a study quoted in a kissmetrics post, 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer.

81. Handling web call-back
In web call-back technology, customer fills up his phone number in a form on the business owner’s website. The VA then calls up the customer to respond to any of the queries or complaints.

Web Design and Development

82. Designing wordpress websites
Virtual assistants these days will develop websites for you with wordpress as the platform.

83. Making business website mobile responsive
As a business owner, you want to make your audience have the most pleasant experience in terms of navigation. Your virtual assistant makes your website responsive for various dimensions of screens such as a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

84. Providing technical support for wordpress pages

85. Designing and installing security precautions for website
With today’s CMS applications be it wordpress or joomla, breaching of security has become common. Most of the attacks are automated. A virtual assistant for your website takes proper steps to ensure that your website is no longer prone to attacks.

86. Troubleshooting
A virtual assistant for your website conducts testings pertaining to functionality, usability, compatibility, performance and interface.

87. Installation of payment gateways
For an ecommerce website or any other merchant selling a product on their website, a payment gateway is needed to be installed so as to process the orders of the visitors.

88. Web-app integration
Web-app integration brings lots of challenges with it, like security concerns, scalability issue. What this essentially means is that a customer should feel the same safety and flexibility regardless of him using the website or app. Your VA can make that happen.

89. Maintaining website appearance by working on user interface
Debugging pixel errors or troubleshooting other such visual issues is done by the VA. Doing so prevents unpleasant experience your customers may face while using on different devices or browsers.

90. Maintaining cross-browser compatibility
Cross-browser compatibility has little to do with how a website looks and more with how it performs on different browsers.

91. Tagging website blog posts
Tagging website blog posts help them to rank higher organically.

92. Writing tags for blog images
Browsers cannot read images. But they do read the tags.
So if the images on your website’s blogs are tagged, they will not only be read by the web crawlers but also help you rank higher.

93. Preventing data loss by regular checkups
Not only data loss, regular website check up improves SERP ranking. Browsers love fresh updated websites with new engaging content.

94. Monitoring and managing businesses affiliate plugin and program

95. Drawing up online forms for customer inquiries or feedbacks
Inquiry or feedback forms have to be designed as easy as possible to save customers’ time and effort. These tools help you gather up valuable information.

96. Designing websites on different website platforms
Making a responsive and homogenous website on platforms like HTML, Flash, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress etcetera is a task well undertaken by the virtual assistant.
Real Estate

97. Real estate data scraping
Pulling out data from classified softwares such as craigslist, backpage etc

98. Real estate data scraping from different websites
Sifting through websites such as Oodle, ebay to dig through piles of real estate data to pull out the relevant details.

99. Posting on real estate listings websites
Placing your property on property listing websites such as Naked Apartments, Craigslist, Postlets, RentLinx, Zillow, Trulia etc

100. Sending introductory messages to renters
Getting in touch with the renters or leads and forwarding them appropriate listings as per their requirements.

101. Compiling morning reports with information received from MLS

102. Scheduling appointments
Setting up meetings with clients, buyer’s agent, or seller’s agent to keep your calendar clutter-free.

103. Assisting in the closing process
Closing process required filing details for homes being sold and documentations as per the office checklist.

104. Following up over phone and email with parties involved in the closing process like home inspector, and home appraiser

SEO and Digital Marketing

105. Geographical search and targeting
To dominate your area’s search results, there are many things one has to take care of. Say for instance, registering on google places, joining local review sites, leveraging social media etcetera.

106. Developing and updating a web marketing strategy
You might already be having a web marketing strategy. A web marketing strategy is where it is decided as to how much of promotion has to be done via content, video, paid advertising like PPC or banner ads, via social media, email etc.
A qualified VA goes through your present marketing strategy and updates it. Or creates a new one if your business needs.

107. Conducting a blog analysis to target SEO optimisation
From finding keywords for creating full fledged blog posts, to putting in keywords in the existing blog content, this VA does it all.

108. Using tools to measure and compare web ranking
Virtual assistants handling SEO and digital marketing ae adept in using tools such as AHREFS or SEMRUSH to see where the website stands on the search result page.

109. Handling competitor analysis
How much traffic goes to the competitor’s site and why.
What exactly are they doing different than us.
Which of their campaigns failed and what we can learn from that.
Such questions are pondered over by this VA.

110. Performing backlink analysis
Meticulous backlink analysis allows you to take a well thought out and scientific approach towards search engine optimisation.

111. Promoting the content of website
Reaching out to influencers and media outlets to popularise the content created for the website, textual or visual. It’s a research intensive task because only the relevant influencers are to be aligned with.

112. Undertaking off site backlink building
Reaching out to authoritative sites for the purpose of guest posting and from there build backlinks. All the research and initiation work is done by the VA.

113. Designing banner ads and placing them on high-traffic website

Banner ads are being used as a staple part of a business’s online marketing campaign but there are factors to be considered while going with them, like what’s going to be the size of the ad, what would it say, where on website should it be placed and the most important- which websites are it going to be put on!
All this is researched and executed by the virtual assistant for digital marketing.

114. Creating follow-up emails and autoresponders
Before you take autoresponders for granted, let me tell you how essential they are in your email marketing campaign.
You can schedule a series of autoresponders and you won’t have to flick a finger to write to your new subscribers, be it a welcome email or one which describes what has to be done in the process.

115. Setting up a landing page
Your landing page should be able to satisfy 4 queries such as…
What is being offered?
Benefits of the offer?
Why does the visitor needs the offer NOW?
How does the visitor get the offer?

Administrative Assistance

116. Setting up to-do-list reminders for you

117. Offering basic customer support
Call directing, offering general information and other such elementary tasks.

118. Handling basic HR duties
Recruitment, screening, employee documentation, payroll management, managing trainees and more.

119. Managing accounts payable and accounts receivable
Notifying clients and customers about the amount they owe you, or helping them out with the different modes of payment that you offer.

120. Acting as a virtual manager for your team
Drawing up the weekly rosters for the team, scheduling their shift timings and seeing that everyone adheres to it, keeping track of the defaulters and notifying the higher authority.

121. Managing your email inbox
If not your personal mailbox, you can always handover your business’s email account access to a qualified VA. Qualified is the word because if not, you wouldn’t like your business’s mailbox messed up.

122. Setting up meetings on your behalf
Be it a partners meeting, annual conferences, daily managerial meetup etc

123. Ensuring the timely payment to vendors
Tracking the due payment dates and the regular bills payables, ensuring the dues get cleared on time and never accrue unnecessary contractual complications that could arise because of late payments.

124. Sending newsletters
Keeping in touch with the prospects and customers by sending them occasional newsletters, or reminding them about their subscription and asking to upgrade, or even pushing festive wishes and offers.

125. Undertakes market research
Marketing researches pertaining to competitors, pricing, market trends, demand graph, customer preference statistics etcetera

126. Managing CRM
Customer Relationship Management involving managing and analyzing customer interaction throughout customer lifecycle with an objective of retaining clients, driving up sales and product improvement.

127. Booking appointments with clients
Scheduling meetings with the clients after booking appointments, reserving the scheduled dates in your calendar and notifying you about the client meetings

128. Undertakes following up with clients
Keeping the clients in touch, following up with them, pulling towards a call-to-action.

129. Managing logistics solutions
Coordination with your logistics partner through phone and email, tracking the movement of goods, providing information about the expected time of delivery.

Data Entry

130. Preparing, compiling, and sorting out data for entry

131. Checking data for accuracy

132. Updating data and deleting unnecessary files

133. Checking completed work for accuracy

134. Maintaining records of activities and tasks

135. Presenting data in required formats

Research Work

How many times do you get sidetracked during the day researching some topic or question that suddenly pops in your head? Conducting a little internet research on a given topic may not seem like a big drain on your time, but every minute adds up.

“For the more general research, a virtual assistant is perfect. You provide the topic or objective and she reports back with tons of useful information”, says Kiera Abbamonte in her blog post on Grasshopper.

136. Keyword search
Research related to keyword to create a marketing campaign. Work related to finding out the prime keywords, analysing their statistics and choosing the ones highest in alignment with organisational goal.

137. Image and chart search

138. Product research
Conducting a marketing research to find out what the customers want the characteristics of the product to be.

VA for research work helps conduct this at multiple levels of product development and even post development.

139. Marketing research
A research VA helps you with the market research comprising but not limited to competitors, market share, past and current trends, tastes and preferences.

140. Buying research reports
Buying research reports need a ton of considerations. It has to be ensured that the reports are the best and latest available in the market, the type of reports: survey or demand, etc.
Moreover, it’s a continuous process. Better let your VA do it.

141. Rates and catalogs search

142. Undertaking web research
Any kind of web research ranging from finding out SERP ranking or price comparisons on vendor sites to competitor search. An entrepreneur is not supposed to waste even a single minute doing unproductive things. Your research VA does that.

143. Search for domain availability
Finding out the availability of the domain you want, lateral domain names search in case the desired name is not available and other such work.

144. Assistance with statistical analysis
Statistical data, as a part of data analytics, involves collecting and scrutinising statistical data from a large sample and analysing it to draw certain conclusions. Again, a time and effort intensive work.

145. Research data compilation
What to do with the huge data collected from a massive sample space? Assemble it all in readable and analysable format.

146. General vendor research

147. Schemes and deals research

148. Research related to paperwork and government procedures
This ideally happens in the initial stages of business incorporation. A tedious and lengthy process involving deep research about the types of documents needed to bring the business in existence. Entrepreneurs focus solely on client acquisition and leave this kind of work for the virtual assistant

149. Legal procedure research
Many industries have legal regulation and sometimes barriers to entry. Doing a detailed study on the legal procedures required before stepping foot in that industrial market prepares for a smooth flow.

150. Job search & application

151. Data processing & management

Human Resource

152. Handling hiring and onboarding process
From documentations to initial screenings via phones, to some pre-employment tests.

153. Developing employee handbook
Handbook or manual consisting of the policies and procedures of the organisation

154. Drafting PTO policy
The virtual assistant helps in drafting the Paid Time Off or PTO policies, employee reward structure etc

155. Setting up employee health and benefits package
Drawing up employee benefits from scratch and keeping a track of its proper administration

156. Assistance in recruiting
Virtual assistants for HR take up the work related to searching suitable candidate for the vacant position, screening and separating the unqualified ones i.e. initial level screening.

157. Setting up and managing payrolls
Managing the details of employees payroll like basic salary, income taxes, amount for provident fund deducted, transportation and house compensation.

158. Setting up and managing employee time tracking
Keeping the records of the punch clock to keep a track of the shift timings and presence of employees.

158. Managing employee documentation, insurance and provident funds
Employee identification documents, managing documents related with provident funds and company insurance.

160. Managing termination documentation

Virtual assistants can handle documents related to termination such as a log of dates, record of incidents, violations and undisciplined behaviours and actions.

Entrepreneurs all over the world hire outsourcing teams to handle middle or lower rung organisational operations, while the core decisions remain with the top management.

This list will keep on updating since the need of virtual assistants scales up every year. Business development work like lead generation has already started to get delegated to virtual assistants.

Let us know the operations of your business that you have delegated to virtual assistant and what has been your experience.

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